4 reasons why your car shakes when AC is turned on

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Most of the people complain that their car shakes when the AC is turned on. There could be many reasons why this happens to your car. It can happen anytime or anywhere, so you don’t need to bother about it. But it is preferred that you know the causes of this dilemma so that the mechanics cannot take you in hands. Here are some basic faults that cause your engine to shake when you turn the air conditioner on.

Load on engine

AC compressor puts a strain on the engine and in a situation when the load goes above a certain extent, it eventually leads to vibration. If the load continues to increase, some parts of the engine can wear out ultimately. However, some other reasons may include the issue in a cooling fan or some blockage in the AC system. In such a condition, take your car to the nearest AC technician as soon as possible.

Engine Mountings/Foundation

The engine mountings hold the engine and the suspension in place. Each mount plays its role to keep the transmission and engine on a place to uphold a proper suspension angle. The mountings bear a lot of pressure. When the AC is turned on, the mountings undergo additional strain due to immense starting load. So any issue in the mounts will result in shakes or vibrations. The broken mount can lead to increased vibration and noises especially when the compressor of AC puts pressure on the engine. Therefore, check your mounts to resolve this issue. Sometimes, the mounting seems to be okay in appearance, but they are worn out or cracked.

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Bad Throttle Position Sensor

A malfunctioning TP sensor cannot control the RPMs, as a result when AC is turned on the RPMs does not remain constant due to bad TP sensor, so the car shakes with unstable RPMs. The sensor needs to be cleaned or replaced to solve the issue.

AC compressor

Another reason for vibrations when AC is turned on could be a faulty compressor. The most accurate technique for this problem detection is to do a simple observation. Try accelerating your car with AC on and off, and if you find a difference in its pick, then your compressor needs to be replaced. You can also check by moving it with your hand. When you turn on the AC, this type of compressor puts more load than normal, as a result, there are immense vibrations.

Usually the last problem doesn’t occur, but if the problem is not solving try diagnosing the last one.

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