Guide To Driving Etiquette And Manners

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Driving on modern roads today requires drivers to  follow  etiquette’s and manners to ensure a smooth and unhindered flow of traffic without compromising safety at any point of time while driving. An ignorance to follow these mannerisms leads to an increase in accidents and general driving related casualties and fatalities each year. Here is a guideline for general driving Etiquette’s and mannerisms that one should follow to be a safe and responsible driver.

General Safety

  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Driving requires you to give 100% of your concentration on the road, so avoid driving if you are experiencing excessive fatigue.
  • Always drive at or slightly below the speed limit, driving too slow can also cause accidents.
  • In general be caring, polite and well mannered.
  • Raise your right hand to say “Thank You”, this can make more of a difference then you think.
  • Treat others how you want to be treated!



  • Always use your indicator so other motorists should know  where you want to go, even if it is a minor lane change with few cars in sight, always use your indicator.
  • It is recommended to use your turn signals 100 feet before approaching your desired turn.
  • When you see someone else indicating always allow them to move and never block their way.
  • Always check to see weather or not after a lane change the indicator has self cancelled or not.




  • Always maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you, you never know when they might need to suddenly slow down.
  • To maintain a safe distance follow the “3 Second Rule“, take an object as a reference on the road such as a street sign, when the vehicle in front of you reaches that reference point begin counting, if it takes you 3 seconds or more to reach the reference point, you are at a safe driving distance from the car in front.


Use of High Beams

  • Only use high beams in the extreme weather conditions such as  excessive fog or heavy rain.
  • The use of high beams in conditions that don’t require it can be very dangerous as the intensity of the beams can blind other motorists.

The Don’ts of Driving

While driving always refrain from doing the follow activities.

  • Talking on any hand held electronic device
  • Texting
  • Eating
  • Reaching for items around the cabin
  • Applying makeup
  • Operating the stereo
  • Sharp turns around corners
  • Straying from your lane
  • Putting a child/infant in the front seat
  • Reckless behavior


Be Mindful of Pedestrians

  • Always be   aware of Pedestrians on or near the road.
  • Always let Pedestrians cross at zebra crossings.
  • Never honk at Pedestrians to move faster, give them plenty of space.



  • When parking/stopping always make sure you are not hindering the flow of traffic in any way.
  • Never park in a no parking zone.
  • Always avoid stopping at the side of a busy narrow road.
  • Use only one parking space.


Usage of your Horn

  • Only use the horn when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Never honk in a residential area, unless there is a threat to safety.
  • Always use the horn to alert someone of your presence , if you think they have not seen you.
  • Honk before turning on a blind corner to alert others you are coming.
  • Never use your honk as a way to show your aggression towards another driver.
  • Never drive a car with a faulty horn, the horn can be your last resort in a dangerous situation.


Driving in the Fast Lane

  • Never exceed the speed limit while driving in the fast lane.
  • If you observe that a faster vehicle from behind wants to overtake you, let them do so if possible.
  • When moving in and out of the fast lane, do so without obstructing or blocking others.


Take Responsibility for Your Actions

  • Accidents tend to occur and when they do, always owe up to your mistakes.
  • If you accidentally bump into a parked car, leave a note on the windshield with your information so they may contact you for damages later.
  • Never lose your temper within these situations.
  • Always try to have a police officer in your presence within the situations to ensure everything goes smoothly and in a legal manner.
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