Saudi Arabia: Women to drive cars on road from June 24th

Women in Saudi Arabia have been allowed to drive cars from June 24th, 2018.

The Director-General of the traffic department Mohammed Bassami has said that women will be allowed to drive on roads of KSA from 24th June. All the preparations have been made in this regard, he further added.

Women 18 years of age and older will be allowed to apply for a driving license, and then they will be assessed. Driving schools have been built in the Kingdom, where women can go and learn driving from women instructors, Bassami said.

Saudi Arabia is currently reforming its society and the crown prince, apparent heir to the Kingdom’s throne, Salman is vigilantly pursuing the approach. Last year the current King of the Kingdom issued a royal decree to let Saudi women acquire drivers’ licenses and drive cars without the permission of a legal guardian. The step was applauded throughout the world.

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It is to be noted here that ride-hailing service, Careem is in the process of hiring and training women in Saudi Arabia. The company plans to get 10,000 female drivers onboard by June 2018. Moreover, keeping safety measures in mind, Careem has also announced that the female driver option will only be available to female riders or families.

Moving onward, an old Saudi woman, named Hanaa Aldhafery, has also started a mission or a movement where women that can drive a vehicle trains other women free of cost.

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