Sindh Government making it mandatory to install trackers in bikes

Last month it was reported that the Sindh Government is seriously considering to make it necessary for locals to install tracking devices on their bikes in a bid to filter out criminal elements from the province. According to officials, almost 95 percent of crimes are done using motorbikes, and with a tracking device, it will be easier for them to track down criminals. It will also curb the street crime as well. Keeping in view the above agenda in mind the government has formally announced that all bike owners should install a tracking device on their bikes.

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The bike owners will be dealt with punishment if found not using tracking device in their bikes after the six months of the order. The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal.

Moreover, the government has asserted that it would be mandatory for the people of Sindh to register their bikes. It is pertinent to mention here that tracking devices in bikes would not be installed by any dealer out there except the list of authorized dealers which government will issue shortly.

The government also directed rickshaw drivers to register their vehicles without any delay.

The decision taken by the Sindh Government is good step indeed. However, there are many hurdles to implement it in a smooth way such as people in the province mostly buy Chinese bikes which house low-end wiring and specification and if installed tracking device in them it is quite possible that the device might not work properly.

Moreover, the other hurdle is that people don’t have the purchase capacity even to buy a helmet how could they install a tracking device on the bike which costs a couple of thousand rupees. So government should think on this matter through before clamping down on local bikers.

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  • TiredOfThisShit

    More $$$ under the table for Sindh government officials in bribes, pre-qualification of companies and undue favors in entire process and yet, their officials will know how to hoodwink these devices and police will take couple hundred rupees more bribes to let violators go Scott free. Yet another Banana Republic decision without vetting it out fully.

    What would Government Baboos and politicians know about issues of poor public and their affordability? They have their perks, protocols and ‘sarkari gaari’ to flaunt bought and maintained officially from tax payer money. Shame on them all.

  • All you need to do is disconnect the battery. Most bikes can start and run without batteries because the alternators generate the current required for ignition, unlike modern EFI cars where the battery is needed. (Not talking about EFI based sports bikes, how common are they? Talking about the run-of-the-mill 70s, 100s, 125s and 150s)

    You can’t use it on the alternator current as that isn’t steady and you’ll risk burning out the tracker.

    If the tracker has its own battery (Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer or whatever), there aren’t many places to put a tracker in the first place. 5-10 mins tops and out it comes. Scot free goes the criminal element.

    Also, how the hell are they going to trace a bike with a tracker unless the one getting robbed notes the bikes’ number? Robbers don’t use plates at all (Got robbed 9 times at gun point, so yeah, I know) and one is too busy looking at the damned gun in the first place to note the number.

    The way I see it, this is a completely stupid idea.

  • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

    i remember the new number plate scheme for sindh bikers, that ugly looking white number plate with blue in writing, i think it is for karachi only, how did that go for the government, obviously it is another political stunt or may i call it another strategy to attack the money from my pocket, because sindh government doesnt know the world ”regulation”, they are barely able to know their parents how come they will want to stop the criminal and they will just do it???, never gonna happen

  • Karachi Wala

    Sindh government has made a habit of looting people in the name of law. Remember the WiFi scheme by sharjeel memon? It was a PURE FRAUD. Also CCTV cameras installation in whole city and government offices was(maybe even now) handled by Muzaffar Tapi business partner. Similarly we all know whenever someone exports helmets, suddenly sindh government wants to implement the LAW. Unfortunately no one raises voice now because they have a LEGAL COVER and hush the voices by saying ITS LAW.