Sons Find Dad’s Old Chevy Impala After 27 Years

Men and cars have a special relationship, a bond that is more powerful than that of the first love. No matter how many years or decades go by, that bond never weakens. Such is the bond Herb Younger had with his 1965 Chevy Impala SS, the car he bought brand new from the showroom after saving money for years.

Unfortunately, things got tough for the young Younger when the time of his sons’ education came and he had to sell his beloved Impala to pay for their education. He had no other option than to sell his car and invest in his sons’ futures, so Herb Younger decided to part with his car with a heavy heart.

But at that time, Herb Younger did not know he was making a good investment. The sons, who Younger sold his car for, decided to pay back their father by finding that same Impala for him. It was an emotional moment for the father when he saw his old car and immediately recognized it.

It was all documented by Chevrolet as a part of its “Chevy True Stories” campaign. You can see the mini-documentary in the video below:

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Fahad Ullah

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  • Saboor Ali

    pretty old documentary :S