Students in Peshawar Develop Solar Powered Electric Car

Five hardworking students of CECOS University in Peshawar have built a model car that works with electricity produced by solar power. The car doesn’t have any sort of engine but is equipped with two solar panels, four dry cell batteries, and a DC motor to drive the car. Besides this, the car is made to hook up with an Android-based mobile phone app and can do various jobs through smartphone connectivity.

The names of the team members who built the car are Ibrar Yousaf Zai, Ahmad Yosha, Muhammad Ghufran, Eazaz Ahmad, and Ehsanullah. And they developed the car in 10 months. As mentioned above, there are two solar panels attached to the car; one is mounted on the roof, while the other is mounted on the rear of the car. The solar panels recharge the four dry battery cells mounted in the car. The batteries are mounted in the back of the car, and they drive the wheels through a DC motor. This electric car can travel as fast as 80 km/h and covers 25 kilometers in one full charge.

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Ibrar Yousaf Zai, one of the members of the team that made this solar powered electric car, told PakWheels that the total weight of the car is around 250 kilograms. And the car can easily seat five people. He also told us that the panels of the car have been made with steel whereas the front windshield, and both front doors have been borrowed for Suzuki Potohar.

Ibrar mentioned during his talk to us that you can also charge the car through a regular household power socket. Just plug the car in and it will start to charge. He also said cars running on fossil fuels create greenhouse gases as well as create noise pollution. These greenhouse gases are the cause of rising temperatures globally. And it is the time that we start looking for alternate energy.

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Talking about car’s ability to connect to Android operating system, Ibrar Yousaf Zai told us that an app had been developed with the help of Android Studios that connects the car to the Android smartphone through Bluetooth. This way you can control some of the car’s electrically powered features through the phone. But one very interesting remotely controlled feature of the car is that you can change the directions of the solar panel through the mobile app. Also, you remotely open or shut the windows of the car through the mobile app.

Arguably the car is not that good looking, and neither does it has modern day luxuries. But considering the fact that the student of a university was able to develop this vehicle with all the budget constraints, it’s nothing short of a miracle. This sort of ingenuity and ability is present in every city and every village of our country. But the carelessness and negligence of people who are in power have wasted the potential of youth of this nation. We are having a massive brain drain lately where such skillful Pakistanis are moving to foreign countries. It is a need of the hour that we start to recognize their talent and provide them with the best possible resources and guidance.

Asad Aslam

A PakWheeler with a degree in mass communication. He tweets as @masadaslam