Honda to Relaunch the Iconic CBR250RR Bike after Twenty Years

CBR250RR successor

1986-1996 a decade all bike enthusiasts remember primarily due to the Honda CBR250 series. The most loved CBR250 was the undisputed king of that time the CBR250RR which carried the nickname “baby blade.”

1991 CBR250

CBR250 of the 90’s aka the “baby blade”

Back in the 1980s, many countries around the world did not allow bikes with an engine displacement of more than 250cc. Which meant riding a proper sportbike was nearly impossible as there weren’t any good options available for that engine size. Then came 1990, when Honda introduced CBR250RR, a bike which kept the engine size in check at 250cc without making a compromise on other factors. CBR250RR came with all the bells and whistles you would otherwise expect from a grown-up sports bike while keeping the weighing scale down at just 142kg (dry) and 157kg (wet). The looks weren’t at all the main reason for the love it received; it was its 250cc engine which gave it all the acclaim. CBR250RR’s engine had an F1-esque ribs rattling redline of 19000RPM. Initially, the bike was sold in Japan only. However, third party importers around the world including Pakistan made its global availability possible. The bike was built until 1996 when it was shockingly discontinued by Honda.

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Honda 250RR successor

Honda Lightweight Super Sport Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Fast forward to 2016 and Honda wants to resurrect the legend after abandoning it for over twenty long years. Honda CBR250 series got a rebirth in 2011 when CBR250R saw a relaunch. And now Honda has teased us with what looks like the successor to the much loved CBR250RR of the 90’s. Last fall Honda showed off a concept bike tagged as a “Light Weight Super Sports Bike.” at the Tokyo Motor Show. Now they have followed it with a short teaser video titled “Expect the Unexpected” which shows twin-piston ABS brakes on petal disc rotor, clip-on bars, upside-down forks all complimented by an aggressive angular body styling.

The 2017 CBR250RR will have a lot on its plate when it officially hits the roads seeking to prove itself as a worthy successor to the CBR250RR of the 1990s. Spoiler alert, the new model, is rumoured to have a red line of 14,000RPM a whole 5000RPM less than its predecessor. Parallel twin motors instead of the inline four cylinders which came in the 90’s CBR250RR will be used, which explain the RPM limit drop.

Do you think the 2017 CBR250RR will have what it takes to outshine its older brother? Let us know by commenting below!

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