Suzuki Alto 660cc launch date revealed

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Arguably the most anticipated car of the year, Suzuki Alto, is creating a lot of buzz in the local auto industry even before its official launch. 

Pak Suzuki unveiled the car at PAPS 2019. Though its features and specs aren’t officially disclosed, auto enthusiasts made their predictions based on the JDM Alto being sold in Pakistan. At the show, Pak Suzuki announced that its latest model would be launched in June 2019, though no official date was given.   

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Now, Pak Suzuki on its official Facebook page has posted a countdown meter, according to which the car would be launched on 15 of June.

So, fasten your seat belts and brace for the impact!

As reported earlier, there will be three variants of Suzuki 660cc Alto, which include:

  • Suzuki Alto VX (without AC)
  • Suzuki Alto VXR (with AC)
  • Suzuki Alto VXL AGS (with AC & auto gear shift)

As per speculation, the starting price of Suzuki Alto 2019 variants will be around Rs 9.65 lac and it may go up to Rs 12 lac. will be covering Suzuki Alto 660cc launching ceremony. So stay tuned.

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  1. JIT says

    I think I will wait.

    There are other good cars in the pipeline which will definitely be better than this teen-dabba.

    Interior is pathetic as per my info.

  2. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    Waiting for pearl to enter and surprise us

  3. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    Interior is as one would expect from paksuzuki

  4. Sami Khan says

    I don’t know why Pak Suzuki Idiots are even launching the VX version. It will be a very strange thing if anyone will buy this thing without AC in this era..!

  5. Syed Ehtasham Hasan says

    Well done suzuki, you have introduced a car for over 10 lacs without an AC. Soon they will start charging you for wheels and the steering wheel. The mehran was overpriced and this one takes the cake.

    I do think the pearl looks really nice and if they can keep a competitive price, they can have suzuki run for their money. Really want suzuki’s monopoly to end.

  6. Zubair Khan says

    without AC? LOL

  7. Anis Khan says

    Why are you all Surprised for a Car Without AC !!!! does anyone in the world Make Manual Shift Still !!!! IN Pakistan Everything is Possible .

  8. Inam Ul Haq says

    Look at the shape. Seems to be 1980 model. And look at the price. Should be at least 2 Lac cheaper. I think it will flop especially if Pearl comes in good price!

  9. syed shahbaZ says

    boycott suzuki toyota and honda for over priced.. start buying new commers

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