Pak Suzuki to discontinue Mehran finally!

According to a recent news circulating, Pak Suzuki has decided to discontinue Suzuki Mehran from April 2019.

The discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran has been long overdue and it seems that Suzuki Pakistan is finally pulling the plug. According to the new notification issued to vendors, the production of the VXR Mehran variant will be stopped for good from April of the next year. Not to forget, in July 2018, the company issued a notification regarding the discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran VX variant from November 2018.

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The circular also states the no. units of Mehran VXR, Pak Suzuki will be producing till March 2019; the last month of production.

However, according to Pak Suzuki management, the circular has been issued for the vendors from the production department. Furthermore, the management said that Mehran is the best-seller of the company and that no old car will be discontinued without the new models being introduced in the market.

Here are the production numbers by month:

Model Sep 2018 Oct 2018 Nov 2018 Dec 2018 Jan 2019 Feb 2019 Mar 2019
SB 308 Suzuki Mehran VXR 2661 2475 1335 3502 4033 3325 1916

Suzuki Mehran disconitnue circular
Pak Suzuki notification also requests its suppliers to only provide the necessary amount of parts to avoid any surplus.
Mehran has been in production since late 1988, which makes it a 30 years old hatchback.

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Notable Replies

  1. Suzuki Mehran Face Lift........:grin:

  2. Nabs says:

    Clickbait misleading title. They are just discontinuing the base model which is also not confirmed. Pakwheels news articles were also screaming that XLI Corolla is going to be discontinued, which also turned out to be fake news.

    Why would Suzuki kill the best selling car in Pakistan? Makes no financial sense.

  3. Nabs says:

    I will believe it when it actually happens.

  4. Read again previously the letter read discontinue of vx now the complete detail reads vx and vxr. With number of production

    According to the previous letter it was reported that mehran VX variants would be discontinued from November. The letter above also stated 0 production of vx from December and only vxr variants till March.

    My personal evaluation is that from December suzuki will offer mehran limited edition or mehran plus and from April 2nd quarter 2019 suzuki will bring in the awaited Suzuki Alto.

    One more thing mehran is no the best seller anymore WagonR sells more. MEHRAN is available under cost at all showrooms specifically after ban on non filers buying cars

  5. Dont get too excited about this news, see the discontinuation date, 1st of april, means you guys are getting fooled again :joy:

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