Suzuki Pakistan increases bike rates by up to PKR 6,500

On the 1st of August 2018, Suzuki Pakistan has increased the prices of its two-wheelers by up to PKR 6,500. It is important to mention here that the rupee has appreciated against the dollar in the past few days, but still, the company has not only increased the prices of its cars but also of its motorbikes as well.

The new prices of the bikes are as follow:

New Price Old Price Difference
Suzuki GR150 Rs229,000 Rs222,500 6,500
Suzuki GD110S Rs145,000 Rs139,000 6,000
Suzuki SD110 Eco Rs119,900 Rs114,900 5,000
Suzuki GS150 Rs150,000 Rs147,000 3,000
Suzuki GS150SE Rs170,000 Rs167,000 3,000

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Keeping in mind the move of Pak Suzuki, it is safe to assume that Honda and other local bike manufacturers will also surge the prices of their bikes in the coming days.

The bike market in the country is booming, in 2017 alone, the local bike makers have shipped more than 16 lac bikes, as reported by PAMA. Moreover, as per the latest data which PAMA has released, the sales of bikes in the country have surged to 26% on a year-on-year basis. Last year in June, the bike manufacturers sold 102,207 units whereas, in the same month this year, the bike manufacturers shipped 128,976 bikes.

Suzuki sold 2067 units in June 2018; it is an increase of 17% in their sales on a year-on-year basis. Pak Suzuki has also increased the prices of its cars by up to PKR 45,000 in August.

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