Tesla Model-S Hacked

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Founded in 2003 by Elon Musk in California, the Tesla Motors initially sold electrical components for automobiles till 2011, when they rolled out their first production Electric Vehicle (EV), which was a sports car.

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Tesla has surely stunned the automobile industry with its radical design and technological development, which reflects in their current production vehicles. But the life of these modern day technologically advanced vehicles have not been easy.

کیا برقی گاڑیاں ہی آٹوموٹیو شعبے کا مستقبل ہیں؟

These electrical cars from different manufacturers have a tendency to fall prey to hacking attacks. It seems like yesterday when Jeep had to face the consequences of successful hack in their Cherokee vehicle and the company had to call back more the 1.4 million vehicles. And now we have this latest example of Tesla being successfully hacked. While the future of human race may be headed in to a far more technological era, the risks attached with these advances are also increasing day by day.

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  1. Fazal Wahab says

    over the air software update within few hours of the hack fixed the issue. https://www.yahoo.com/tech/tesla-fixes-security-model-chinese-hack-091838309.html

  2. Guest says

    What about the cars which never received the update?

    What about other cars whose exploits are not widely known, yet the information is being sold on the darknet and undernet, and possibly already known by state-attackers?

  3. Guest says

    It’s ironic you are sharing the link of Yahoo, which has admitted to being hacked and lost the data of 5 million subscribers. Shows you the risks associated with this modren age of technology…

  4. Guest again says

    Risks are associated with everything, not only technology. Everything needs proper risk management. That’s all.

    BTW Yahoo wasn’t hacked by which the data was stolen. Yahoo says the “data breach” by a state-sponsored actor from some of Yahoo’s computers. Which may as well mean the person did not “hack” because “hacking” has a specific definition which is gaining elevated access over a network.
    And now, they say a hacker is selling that data on the darkweb. Not necessary that the data was acquired through hacking only.

    And the data was not lost either. Data loss and data theft are entirely independent concepts.

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