This Infographic Will Train You To Be A Better Driver During Night

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We receive a lot of infographics through various sources but very few gain our interest, and even less make it to the front page of auto journalism in Pakistan, that is the PakWheels blog. But night driving is really an issue in Pakistan, with dimly lit road networks that have mostly no lane markings, etc; add into that equation Toyota Corollas out and about with their high-beams, it really makes a terrible experience.

This infographic can help you in not just being a good nighttime driver, but can also make you a little less of a nuisance to other road users as well.



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  1. Guest says

    “make you a little nuisance to other road users”

    What does this sentence mean?
    Could the writer please write it in Punjabi so we can finally understand that in reality he wants to write “make you less of a nuisance to other road users”?

    Why is this being infographic at all? Infographic is a graphic, with different numbers, facts and figures. Long descriptions do not exactly suit to inforgraphic style.

  2. Faizan says

    yar how to tackle Fog when it is raining ….. ? when you can’t open up windows.. and are on hills and donot want to run AC …..

  3. Guest again says

    Buy the car with the largest possible engine for the hilly area.
    And run the defogger without the heater.

  4. ubiquitous says

    @Guest.. Though I really enjoy reading the way you scrutinize and dissect blogs and comments on the PW but I get the feeling that you must be a very lonely and grumpy person!

  5. Baber says

    When you people start contributing something that is actually helpful, aids the discussion and focuses on the content rather silly mistakes, we can really go forward. I guess the ‘know-it-all’ attitude will be the end of us.

  6. Guest again says

    When you people finally manage to improve the level of language so that “silly” mistakes do not happen, only then would the readers consider the team of writers capable enough to discuss beyond – some things that are actually helpful and aid the discussion.

    When people demonstrate that they are “silly” by making “silly” mistakes, who is going to respect them? Who is going to respect the institution they belong to?

    Readers visit PW blog because of 2 reasons:

    1. Nostalgia. Old visitors have sort of a love for Pakwheels.
    2. Pakwheels’ monopoly. Because there is no competition to Pakwheels blog, which is the sole source of news for auto enthusiasts in Pakistan.

    Both of the above reasons mean PW blog doesn’t need to improve its quality of language.

    Good ideas only look good when they are presented in a good manner. The best content is impactless with spelling mistakes and major grammatical blunders.

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