Total Chaos: Fight Breaks Out Between Traffic Police And Citizens In Karachi

A traffic police official ended up in a fistfight with an angry resident in Karachi after the official asked the citizen not to park his motorcycle near PIDC traffic police checkpoint, reported Dawn News.

The motorcyclist argued that why can’t he park his bike since there are other parked vehicles at the site as well. But after the repeated refusal, the heated argument turned into a brawl. In the video, you can see the citizen throwing a traffic police officer down on the ground, and traffic officials repeatedly attacking the citizen with a helmet. The motorist was taken to the nearest police station after Rangers and Police intervened. A case has been registered against the man at the Civil Lines police station and was put behind the bars. Later, it was revealed that the man is a psychiatric patient and has been going through treatment. Although the Civil Lines police station has been raided by the residents at a protest against the arrest. It is yet to be known whether the citizen has been released after fulfilling the necessary legal requirements or not.

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Later in the day, it was reported that another fight broke out between more traffic officials and a citizen who had come to pick his bike at the Artillery Maidan Police Station. Karachi’s citizens and traffic police have been at each others throats for some time now.

Attacking a police official is wrong, and you cannot go attacking them wherever you see them. The citizens will most probably see legal action taken against them. Also, Police needs to show restraint and not use their powers to oppress the public.

  • Ammar

    so why a psychiatric patent is freely travelling within city. This is a complete ignorance from his family part. if you’ll see in the 2nd video closely the police was initially hesitant to fight with him but he wasnt stopping so this is clearly a fault of the citizen rather than at the police side.
    if we cry that our leaders dont follow the rule than this also applies to us, we as a nation donot follow the rules as well.

  • same

    There’s a difference between being mentally handicapped and being a psychiatric patient. If he is a patient then he is on meds and he could simply be angry at police in general and took it out on that cop. He should have not done it but our police does give a lot of reason to be angry at them.

  • Ali Sher

    This guy is trouble. I saw the cctv footage. He just started beating 3 traffic cops. the phone video posted here doesn’t give the correct story. This was the end part when the police and rangers came. He had already beaten 2 traffic cops before this.

    He only stopped after seeing police and rangers.

    And the press always tries to show a different story.

  • Ammar

    So it means that any one who gives a reason to him will be beaten up ?? i dont think so, this is the vary reason i usually say these sorts of people are actually very dangerous and can even do extreme actions without even thinking.

  • asad

    and please use bloody indicators they are in your car to for a reason, which is to use them even while changing lanes its not my own prophecy its international road law to use indicators while changing lanes people need to make this a trend. I have seen a couple of educated people doing this and i happily slow down my car and courteously allow them to change lane because it is the right thing to do. Plus as a sign of gratitude the person who is changing lanes ( by indicators) should acknowledge the other persons generosit of letting you through by taking your hand out of the car and and waving it raised up. Seen people thank back. this is mutual respect all along/ makes your driving mood pleasurable. For everybody