Toyota Fortuner to be assembled in Pakistan

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The Toyota Fortuner is a 4×4 SUV based on the Hilux platform currently being imported in Pakistan by Indus Motors however, our sources have revealed that the Fortuner will be assembled here in the coming months.

The imported Fortuner has a listed price of 7.6 million PKR on the Indus Motors website, prices are expected to come down as had happened with the Toyota Hilux Vigo when it began assembling locally.

Fortuner is available in both 2×4 and 4×4 with different engines however, only 4×4 version with a 2.7 liter VVTi engine is being currently imported but as well know that Indus Motors is not well known for telling anyone the exact specs or details about what it’s cooking until the day it arrives in the showroom.

Moreover, we’ve also learned the person who leaked us the photos of Toyota Corolla 2011 face-lift was dealt with a strict hand and probably got sacked as well so lets just not ask anyone at Indus about what is to come in fear that the person may loose their job over this.

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  1. a.r says

    are you sure about this? really want to know bcz im in market for a fortuner

  2. used cars Gloucester says

    Wow! This will be a great news for the people in Pakistan. The Toyota Fortuner to be released also gets a newly designed rear end, wheels and a spruced up interior with higher quality materials compared with the previous model. A new instrument cluster and uprated equipment options also heighten the attractiveness. An automatic gearbox will be available for the first time.

  3. bk says

    Yes. In a casual meeting with Chairman Indus motors, Ali Raza Habib, told us that soon Indus will begin assembling. How soon? That we don’t know.

  4. a.r says

    7 months past and still no sign of the fortuner ….i have contacted all dealerships in lahore they say they dont know when its going to be launched… Is there any way i can cntct mr ali raza or anybdy else to ask the real date of release ….or should i just go back to buying vigo champ…..

  5. Harris says

    Pakistan assembled Fortuner will be available from March 2013, as said by Pervez Ghais CEO, Toyota Indus Motor company in interview to Bloomberg.

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