Toyota Indus cancels more booked cars

Nuisances like long delivery times of a car have annoyed customers for many many years. People have to wait a significant amount of time ranging from 3 months and going up to a staggering 6-7 month to get their brand-new cars.

So, to curb this menace, Toyota Indus has taken strict action in this regard. The company has issued a public notice which states that the company has cancelled more booking orders of individuals who appeared to be discrepant or were booked by potential investors.

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According to the details the company extensively examined the Provisional Booking Orders (PBO) and verified the information and cancelled those bookings which were found to be of individuals who were aiming to sell the cars for ON money (premium). These individuals will get be refunded their total.

This is a great step by Toyota Indus in order to facilitate genuine Toyota Customers and finally a step forward in removing the menace of high ON money asked by many sellers in the local market. Toyota also cancelled more than 1300 booked cars in November 2017, we thought that this would greatly encourage other manufacturers to do the same, but none has followed suit yet.

It is important to mention that the company has also announced that if there is any error in judgement the individual can contact them before 29th March 2018 to keep the order valid which will be delivered as per the schedule. IMC also stressed to its customers only to order vehicles from authorized 3S Toyota dealerships and never agree to pay any premium.

At the moment these 248 bookings have been canceled:


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Saad Ikram

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  1. Good stuffm does this mean ill get my may delivery car a little earlier :grin::grin::grin:

  2. aref says:

    Considering so many bookings have been removed from the pipeline, the genuine customers who were at the back of the line will get promoted to the front.

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  • Guest

    gud going toyota
    cncel boguss orders

  • Minhaj

    Wish it wasn’t for the scare of kibor+ 2% and it was a genuine initiative of toyota indus itself for the customers. For toyota, their dealers come first.

  • haseeb

    actually they planned to booked there own vehicle to sale in the market with premium BULL SHIT.. This will
    not satisfied customer at all..

  • JawedButt

    Almost all the Company dealers are fully involved in this scam whereby COMPANY assists them in delivering out of turn vehicles for the sake of premium and accommodating them illegally, as their is no proper check up from any corner and even Ministry of Production employees are involved in such scams by not monitoring the company affairs, production and delivery hence practice continues at all levels. It is also understood that Company has benefited many ministries by way of out of turn allocation and quotas which is condemnable and CHIEF JUSTICE SUPREME COURT MUST TAKE SU MOTOU action against all such companies which are involved in such scams. CHAIRMAN NAB should also look into it that how SUCH companies with collaboration of Ministry of Production are cheating the common Pakistanis.