The truth behind the import of 6 Mercedes S600 Maybach(s)

Earlier this week, wrote about the six ultra-luxury Mercedes S600 being delivered to the PM House. And people all over the social platforms are giving it a political facet by spreading rumors that these cars are imported by the upcoming government, and the future Prime Minister Imran Khan will put these cars up for auction. 

Keeping these rumors aside, firstly, these Mercedes S600 Maybach(s) are not imported for the use of the future government. Secondly, there is no authenticity in the news that these cars will go up for auction by the PM-in-waiting Imran Khan.

However, upon digging more into the news, it was revealed that those six units of Mercedes S600 were imported in 2016 for the 19th SAARC Summit Conference to be used by the SAARC members and other dignitaries. However, due to some political reasons, the conference got delayed, and the cars are now a part of 80 odd cars in the PM House.

Black Maybach

These top of the line bomb-proof cars were imported to provide high-level security to the SAARC members; however, later they were expected to be used by Prime Ministers and other senior ministers in Pakistan.

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The Maybach S600 runs on a 6-liter V12 bi-turbo engine that produces 621hp and is valued at Rs. 180 Million (18 Crores).

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Notable Replies

  1. They actually didn't cost 18 crore but rather 6 crore each since these are government imported cars for official use and are thus exempted from import taxes.

  2. see for yourself car on the right clearly says maybach...

  3. the one in focus doesnt.

    so which is it? Is this a workshop? - why is there a mercedes star on the wall?

  4. This is how these vultures rape this country. Import these for SAARC etc and then use it themselves. Its not only about politicians, just check the judges, the holy Generals. Where else on earth you see such insanity? And this happens in a country which cannot feed its people for one month without taking aid/loan.

  5. Bhai no Need to be ladaiying... one is Maybach and other is S600 Ok? They are both obviously standing at Shanawaz and not PM house by the looks. Yes one Carry dubba but on sides are other Merc. Maybach or Merc, its a shame this was done to hard earned money of taxpayers. Profit for Shahnawaz in end it seems.

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