TV Show Investigates The Fake Oil Market Of Pakistan While PSO Fined For Poor Diesel Quality

Engine oil is an important component of your engine that makes sure your engine runs smooth and trouble free. It is like the blood flowing through different parts of the engine. Motor oil not only reduces the friction between the moving parts of the engine, but it also dissipates the heat. A good engine oil is crucial in cases where you need air to cool down the engines, for example, single cylinder motorcycle engines. Therefore it is paramount that you get the best available engine oil for your vehicle. And it’s not just about the best available option; it is also about buying an authentic and real product.

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There are so many fake mobile oil sellers in the market that you have to be extra cautious from where you get the oil from. It is very easy to buy used oil from the market and then repackage it after dye process. This fakery is so high level that it is almost impossible for a common person to detect a fake bottle of oil from an original bottle. Watch the video below showing how easily these fraudsters are selling suck reused fake engine oil with proper stickers and even official seals.

Meanwhile, OGRA has slapped a fine worth 5 million rupees on PSO when the company was found out to be in possession of poor quality High-Speed Diesel oil in its depot at Faqeerabad. The fine has to be paid within 30 days as per the documents that were sent to the Managing Director of PSO.

OGRA, which regulates the oil and gas sectors of Pakistan, clearly mentions that PSO has been proven to be involved in having off-spec (adulterated) high speed diesel in its depot at Faqeerabad.

  • Abdullah

    I always get my car oil change from a authorized honda 3s dealer! I check the bottle once they bring it for pouring oil…….where is this fake oil used…I mean which cities….

  • Guest

    The article somehow puts forth the idea that quality of engine oil is important only in air-cooled engines.

    And then the article recommends buying an authentic product and avoiding forgeries, but falls short on the ‘HOW’? How to recognize the forgeries? Where to go to buy the authentic oil?

    Link is to a facebook video which is impossible for people without facebook account to watch.

  • Tanweer

    You’re an idiot. And have way too much free time.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    every city!