VW Likely to be the First One to Enter Pakistan Under New Auto Policy

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Tariq Ejaz Chaudhary, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Engineering Development Board told a local news media that Europe’s largest automaker Volkswagen would probably launch one of its car brands in Pakistan in the near future. Keep in mind VW owns a host of car brands, from Bugatti to Lamborghini, to Skoda to SEAT. Even Italian bike maker Ducati is owned by the German auto giant. CEO EDB said,

Good developments take times and go steadily since Volkswagen is keen to invest in Pakistan, so entry of new players in Pakistani auto market is a viable prospect, and it will be materialized soon.

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Mr. Chaudhary told a newspaper that Brexit has changed European as well as international economic landscape quite a bit. Suddenly monitory powerhouses like Volkswagen have a different approach to business and the way to conduct business. So it will take some time to bring bilateral relations up to the speed. The CEO further elaborated,

Global action and events often drive the investment perspectives of multinational conglomerates while Pakistan has huge potential for international investors and the other auto giants like Audi are also showing interest in Pakistan’s auto sector,’ Volkswagen is considering that what kinds of brands to introduce first in Pakistan with local partner.

Audi is already selling vehicles in Pakistan and has signed a memorandum with Sindh provincial government about exploring the idea of investing and assembling cars locally in Pakistan. Audi is also a part of Volkswagen’s extensive portfolio.

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Although Mr. Chaudhary praised the new Pakistan Auto Policy 2016-21 saying that the new policy has already started to attract the attention of international investors in Pakistan, but according to various sources, both the German and French companies i.e. VW and Renault have expressed their concerns over the leeway provided to used Japanese imports. The news report further claimed that this one issue is the biggest hurdle in bringing any sort of new investment in the auto sector of Pakistan.

If the government of Pakistan is able to eradicate all the concerns that these potential investors have over the new auto policy, including the government’s attitude towards used car imports, there’s a chance that Volkswagen decides to bring one of its brands to Pakistan. These brands could possibly be SEAT or Skoda, considering both are economical options as compared to its other brands.

SEAT Ibiza
SEAT Ibiza
Skoda Octavia
Skoda Octavia


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  1. adafs says

    Based on Dailytimes Articles.

    Kindly Please provide sources before publishing.

  2. X Auto says

    I don’t like VW designs,,, latest ones still look outdated… 🙁

  3. Bitter_truth says

    ap ki pasand k cars rasty mai hain thora intezar kary warna pogo dekhy ;p

  4. Bitter_truth says

    This is the Quality of PW writers that they don’t provide source except few onces

  5. X Auto says

    Hmmmm,,, you got them !

  6. A H S I N says

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Many people make this mistake and later regret it! Their is NO SUBSTITUTE for Q U A L I T Y !

  7. وجاہت علی says

    lets just hope for the best!!!

  8. Guest says

    Octavia is a very good car. Small from the outside but very big on the inside.

  9. teendaba says

    I believe there is no source. writer chorhhh raha ha lambiiii lambiiiiiiiiii

  10. X Auto says

    Nahi, Doraemon,,,, 😛

  11. Muhammad Yasir says

    they should kick the japanese imports and go for the european cars !

  12. Ali Khan says

    Waiting for VW, Jetta is more fuel efficient than corolla and with alot more functions 😀

  13. Zeeshan Lateef says

    Great news! Can’t wait to be rid of the watered down Hondas and Corollas we have been paying so dearly for! Just hope VW doesn’t hire any of the people already working for the current auto manufacturers!

  14. Clarky Clarky says

    We should be importing more cheap Chinese second hand cars, that is the way forward…

  15. Clarky Clarky says

    VW is still owned by Hitler, we should avoid…

  16. Soccer Guy says

    It is still conditional, auto policy clarifications are still required by new investors. This can keep lingering on or may materialize anytime sooner, even if it is sooner sales cycle would take 3 4 years to start (That’s my believe). We can’t say yet, so lets still keep our finger crossed. Anyone with more insights?

  17. Naveed Khan says

    Hey Hitler

  18. Loot Li Mehfil says


  19. abdubaba says

    I would love to get my hands on a golf gti!

  20. H__3 says

    “would probably launch”, and that too was stated by a representative of the Engineering Development Board not Volks Wagon. Aref : I have read some of your writings and frankly speaking they suck – copying pasting statements from nobody and passing them off as real news with misleading headlines – anyone can do that man.

  21. Khurram says

    Are Jetta’s parts cheap too? Is it as powerful as Toyota, where suspension is concerned? And for havens sake PW, please stop dragging Toyota in every article as though it is a flop car and your stupid choices represent every one. These tactics will not work, as Toyota is an internationally recognized brand and is loved across the globe.

  22. Ali Khan says


    People need more choices. If you are happy to live with only Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and some models of faw then nobody can do any good to you. You need to go out in other countries and look what are the other brands and how useful they are.

  23. Adnan says

    Whats wrong in that? You still think that your jew friends haven’t got their due share after that beating in WWII? I think WWII is well over by now.

  24. hassancent says

    was. VW maker had no choice but to join him. But fun fact. VW only made military cars until after world war its owner was jailed for supporting hitler. It was until after his release, he started working on beetle. The first VW consumer car from start.

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