Volkswagen Might End Up Getting Banned In Its Home Country

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Volkswagen AG really is in some deep trouble these days. The company is surrounded by scandal what people are calling “Volkswagen dieselgate“. Its reputation has gone down the drain. Recently we brought you word that Switzerland decided to ban all sales of Volkswagen cars equipped with the cheating software until further notice from VW. Now it seems Volkswagen’s home country Germany has decided the same for the unfortunate manufacturer.

Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority just send word to VW that unless they manage to present a solution by October 7th on how to fix nearly 11 million cars currently under use around the globe, installed with the counter fit software, then all 2.8 million cars in Germany installed with this software will be banned from driving on its road. VW said it will present its solution within days to repair the affected cars, and will notify customers and regulatory authorities around the world in writing. German prosecutors along with the U.S. Department of Justice opened up a criminal investigation of former Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn over his role in VW debacle and they vow to get to the bottom of who is to blame for the installation of the cheating software.

VW have stated that they will cooperate fully with the authorities and will help them in every way possible with their investigation. Problems like this are only the beginning for the company and it will take years, possibly decades before this mess is all sorted out for Volkswagen.

Story: C&D

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