Watch: Kawasaki Ninja H2 – The Only Supercharged Production Bike In The World

Kawasaki has made some of the best heavy bikes in the history. Some of their bikes, like Z series bikes, are considered legendary among the motorcycle enthusiasts. And one such bike that has been hailed as one of the all-time greats is a Kawasaki H2 Mach IV back in the 70s. It had a 750cc 2-stroke 3-cylinder engine. Kawasaki sold from them 1971 through 1975. The bike later was known as ‘the king of street.’

Now it seems like, Kawasaki has decided to bring another H2 bike…a sort of an homage to the original H2 Mach IV. But what is interesting about this bike is that it comes with a supercharger. Yes, that’s right. The bike is supercharged. It is the only factory force inducted superbike in the market right now.

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The Ninja H2 comes with a 1000cc in-line four motor that is already quite potent on its own. But to add more spice to the mix, the engineers at Kawasaki have attached a supercharger capable of thrusting tons of air at 130,000 RPM. The result is more than 200 HP and 133.5 N.m of torque. And if you tinker with bike’s ECU, you can easily unleash more than 250 HP. The engine is more than willing to through you off the seat even if you twitch your right wrist by mistake.

The bike has 330 mm Brembo brakes. But that is not the only thing helping the bike to stop. The bike uses Kawasaki’s Engine Brake Control system to keep it under control, and that is adjustable by the rider as well. Also, there is highly efficient ABS helping it stop as well. The bike needs all this to make it stop considering how fast it is. At the front, the bike is equipped with KYB AOS-II racing suspension whereas it has fully adjustable KYB mono-shock on the rear.

Apparently there are three Ninja H2 Kawasaki bikes in Pakistan as well. Congratulations and best of luck to the lucky owners.

Watch the video below for the review conducted by Gizmag.

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  • Muazzam Ali Kazmi

    “Apparently there is three Ninja H2 Kawasaki bikes in Pakistan as well. Congratulations and best of luck to the lucky owners.”

    How did you know?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    bet it costs a fortune

  • Sanjay Natarajan

    “Apparently there is three Ninja H2 Kawasaki bikes in Pakistan as well” -shouldn’t it be THERE ARE THREE?
    Guys, readers keep pointing the mistakes time and again, but you seem to turn deaf ear towards them. Please correct these grammar mistakes and double check the articles before publishing.
    I hope a global auto blog like pakwheels won’t lose its reliability!

  • Bil

    ‘Please correct these grammar mistakes’
    Correction: Please correct these grammatical mistakes
    ‘but you seem to turn deaf ear’
    Correction: but you seem to turn a deaf ear

    All of us have a tendency to make such mistakes.
    Have a good day.

  • Israr Shah

    No there is no Ninja H2 in Pakistan right now. The only one here is on port ready for clearance from customs and its owner is Mazher Shah.
    Rest might come to Pakistan soon.