Watch How This Lion Opens Car Door During Jungle Safari

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Readers will agree that with time and evolution in process our kids are getting smarter. They understand things much quicker, with ease and they are more intelligent due to the availability of a lot of newer technologies and access to gadgets. But what If I tell you that animals are also going through same evolution process.

The below videos will surely make you think twice. Safari is very famous vacation option and many people travel to African countries and specially South Africa to experience them. People drive by open jungles and forest to see the nature and animals. Sometimes wild animals like lions and tigers. Looks like a lion had clearly learnt one or two things about cars after years of watching visitors making a trip in their  territory.

A family vising a South African safari park stopped by a group of these wild lions who were enjoying afternoon sun. One of the lion moved closed to the car and actually opened the car door.  The girl video tapping freaked out but kept her senses intact and closed the door immediately. We all know exactly what could have happened at paws of a 400 lbs animal if timely action wasn’t taken.

So now on make sure when you go for safari you keep your vehicles door “locked”. If you have child safety locks (door open only from outside) in rear doors, think again and make sure it’s not a lion opening it.

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  1. Adnan Khan says

    “Hey Humans, Nice little car, can you give me a lift to the river”

  2. JavKhan says

    Safari? One big wild ‘nope’.

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