Wear Mask While Driving or Pay Fine 

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The traffic police in Punjab have started to impose Rs300 fine on driving a car or motorcycle without a mask. According to our sources, the police are receiving the challan on the spot.

Our sources further reported that police would also issue a challan if you don’t wear a mask after the first fine. So, be aware and wear a mask for your own and others’ safety. “Police are stopping, even if there is only one person in the car,” the reports said.

Online Challan Payment: 

Furthermore, the police are receiving fine through online money transactions. Hence, all drivers must keep some amount in their online cash transfer mobile accounts. However, the fine can also be paid through ATM.

“Through online payment, you can save yourself from further hassle and ensure the security of your vehicle documents,” the reports stated.

Punjab, Federal Govt Announcement: 

Last month, the federal and Punjab provincial governments made it compulsory for drivers to wear masks. The police directed the drivers and passengers to wear masks at all times during travel. Talking to media, Lahore Chief traffic Police Officer (CTO) Syed Hammad Raza said that eight teams have been appointed to keep a strict check and balance in Lahore.

“Along with these teams, traffic wardens would also play their role in this regard,” CTO said.

The police have also banned entry in police stations without masks.

The decision comes as Pakistan recorded 221,894 COVID-19 infections across the country. According to official data, 4,551 people have died, while 113,623 patients have recovered from the deadly virus.

Moreover, the government has imposed ‘smart lockdown’ across the country to control the spread of coronavirus.

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