How to Minimize the Damage after Your Car is Rain Flooded?

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Thousands of cars, especially in Karachi, are now rain flooded after monsoon wrecked a havoc in Southern part of Pakistan. Along with life losses, the residents of metropolis city have faced huge property losses worth millions. This property loss includes massive damages to the cars.

 The water is a severe threat to the interior, exterior, and engine of the vehicle. In many cases, the damage is permanent, and you can lose your car. PakWheels has brought some tips for you to guide you in the situation of car flooding. By following these tips, you can minimize the damage. 

So, here are these tips:

Don’t Try to Start the Car Rain Flooded Car: 

The first and foremost tip is never to start your car in water because it may damage the engine permanently. The water, especially if it is salty or muddy, will knock up your engine, which will cause a permanent loss, and you may have to install a new one. The best option is to get your car towed to the mechanic.

Remove the Battery: 

Remove your car’s battery, as it will prevent you from electric shocks while you check the other components in the car.

Check Electrical Systems:  

If your car’s engine is OK and looks good to start, then check the electric components of your car one-by-one. Check your headlights, indicators, power windows (if your car has them), interior lights, transmission, AC, and infotainment system. If you feel that even one of them is not working correctly, take it to the mechanic. 

Check the Interior of Rain Flooded Car:  

First check the water level, as it usually leaves a mark along the exterior. If the level remained below the doors, then your interior is most probably safe, but if the water level is higher than it could be a problem for you and your vehicle. 

Start Drying Process Quickly: 

Do not wait for the mechanic and car to reach a workshop; start the drying process quickly with dry towels. You can also use a vacuum for this purpose. The mud in rainwater settles in very rapidly, so the quicker you respond, the better for your car.

Roll Down the Windows: 

Roll down the windows or doors (if water level is low), as it will help reduce the smell inside the car due to dirty water rain.

Check the Oil and Filters of Rain Flooded Car: 

Remove your dipstick, clean it, and check the oil. If it has water droplets, do not start the car. Furthermore, check the air and oil filters, whether they have water in them; if yes, get it towed to the mechanic, get it clean, and then start it.

Check the Fluid Systems: 

Most of the late model cars are sealed, but the fuels in the older cars, including brake, gear, and engine oil, must be drained out and replaced with fresh ones.

Check Debris Around Tyres: 

Do check the debris and mud around the tyres and underbelly of the car before moving it. The residue can cause severe damage to your tyres, so clean the surrounding area before driving your vehicle.

Damages Can Be Long-lasting in Rain Flooded Car: 

The wear and issues by flooding can be long-lasting for a car. You can face the problems for months, even years, so be prepared for that.

Issue of Insurance: 

In foreign countries, the consumers have flooding insurance of the car. Unfortunately, no local manufacturer offers such insurance in Pakistan, and the consumer has to face all the expenses.


We hope that these tips will help you if you face such a situation. Always be prepared; follow this guide, and you will be able to minimize the damage to a large extend in case of flooding.  

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