Who owns Shehzore? Hyundai or Dewan

Brand wars is not a new thing, worldwide brands compete with each other, not only through their products but also with PR and advertising; the best example is BMW and Mercedes. The same is happening in Pakistan right now as Hyundai-Nishat yesterday through its Facebook post termed the Dewan-Daehan Shehzore as a fake Chinese product. However, later on, Hyundai-Nishat deleted the post without clearing why it deleted the post? It is possible that the two companies came into an agreement and Hyundai-Nishat removed the post, or maybe it was a publicity stunt or might be it was due to some other reason, nothing can be said in this regard.

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In the Facebook post-Hyundai-Nishat asserted,

“A TV commercial being aired these is of ‘Daehan Shehzore’ which is Chinese replica of our original Hyundai H-100. That is why it is not called ‘Hyundai Shehzore’ anymore! It’s a fake product and has no relation with Original Hyundai H-100 which we will be launching soon.”

The notion which the post created is far from reality as ‘Shehzore’ brand belongs to Dewan Group and it is their right to make products under the name; Shehzore was never a Hyundai brand. Dewan and Hyundai manufactured Shehzore when they were partners, but it was always a Dewan brand, not Hyundai.  Moreover, one important thing to mention here is that due to the Facebook post the people who didn’t know about Daehan Shehzore entry to Pakistan also came to know about it, so the company literally promoted its competitors product unknowingly, this might be another reason why it deleted the post.

Moving onward, we also researched and found that Daehan is a Vietnamese company, it has headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, so the product is not Chinese in any manner. After some research, it was revealed to us that Daehan is using Hyundai’s engine, which might also be offending Hyundai-Nishat. However, it is not something to get offended from as companies use products such as engines of other companies in their vehicles, so Daehan using Hyundai’s engine is not a big issue. And if the company has some problem it should contact the parent company which is Hyundai Motor Company and ask them to stop providing engines to Dewan-Daehan. An industry expert told us that Dewan-Daehan has almost 600-800 Hyundai’s engine in their possession right now.

We reached out to Dewan-Daehan to take their point of view in this regard; but, they declined to comment on the issue.

It would be great to see the competition between Daehan Shehzore, Hyundai-Nishat H-100, Suzuki Mega Carry and JAC X200. Moreover, it would be a healthy competition if the companies compete through their potential vehicles, and not trying to pull each other down through social platforms.

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My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.