Will KIA Carnival 2021 be Launched in Pakistan? 

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KIA has got the attention of social media and car enthusiasts through its #WeAreUnstopable drive in Pakistan. The company’s 4-car convoy has been travelling in different cities, which means the anticipation is at its peak, currently. The convoy included Sedan and SUV cars in it, But, there may be a surprise by KIA Lucky Motors. And the surprise is the all-new KIA Carnival 2021.

As per our sources, the company has not included Carnival in convoy, because it wants to give a delightful surprise to its customers. KIA Lucky Motors will give this huge surprise gift right after the start of a new year, the sources said.

If the South Korean company launched this car in Pakistan, it will make the local market more exciting. The addition of this Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) will increase the competition, enhance the diversity and provide more choices to the buyers. Interestingly, the Carnival 2021 has only been launched in Korea and is coming soon in some key international markets, and Pakistan is one of them.


As per our sources, the company has revamped the engine in new Carnival. The old 3.3L engine with 6-speed transmission has been replaced by 3.5L V6 engine with 8-speed transmission. This indeed an exciting development, as it will enhance the performance and fuel average of the MPV.

Key Features in KIA Carnival 2021: 

Moreover, these are the expected salient features in KIA Carnival:

Integrated Memory Seats in KIA Carnival 2021: 

The car will come with Integrated Memory Seats, meaning the electronic system of the seat will save adjustments by a specific user. So, when next time the person will sit in the seat, it will adjust itself automatically as per the user’s choice.

Paddle Shifters and Dial Type Gear Shift:

As per our sources, the car will also have paddle shifters and most importantly, Dial Type Gear Shift. Through this transmission, you can change the gears or set driving modes by rotating the dial. It indeed is an amazing feature for a car in Pakistan.

Smart Key Entrance in KIA Carnival 2021: 

The car will also have a smart key, making the entry easier and locking of the car safer.

Power Tailgate:

The company would also install a power tailgate, which means you can open or close the trunk of your car through a button near the driving seat.

Smart Sliding Doors: 

The Smart Sliding Doors would be a great feature in the car, because they will open and shut automatically, keeping the passengers safe and hassle-free.

Heated and Ventilated Seats:

With these heated and ventilated seats, the travel in KIA Carnival would be extremely easy, comfortable and relaxing. This means you would be able to travel on longer routes without any issue.

Interior of KIA Carnival 2021: 

Reportedly, KIA would launch this new Carnival with two-tone interior with hydrographic garnishing. This feature will make the car part of the luxury segment.

Price of KIA Carnival 2021: 

As per our sources, the company is planning to launch this new car within the price bracket of Rs8-9million.


KIA Lucky Motors has proven to be a gamechanger in the local market as it has captured it dominatingly since its reentry in 2018. The company has been selling Sportage in record numbers, while its hatchback Picanto is also establishing its base among the buyers. Through its vast range of cars, KIA is giving a tough competition to its competitors in Pakistan, which is great for the local customers.

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