Yamaha Motor Pakistan increases the prices of its bikes by up to PKR 5,000

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Right after Atlas Honda bumped the prices of its bikes, Yamaha Pakistan has also increased the rates of its motorcycles by up to PKR 5,000.

See the new prices below:

Model Name New prices Old prices Increase
YBR125Z PKR 127,500 PKR 123,500 PKR 4,000
YBR125G PKR 149,500 PKR 144,500 PKR 5,000
YBR125 PKR 144,500 PKR 139,500 PKR 5,000

There are no specific details available to us as to why the company has increased the rates of its bikes, however, it is quite possible that due to uncertain economic conditions and devaluation of rupee against the US Dollar, Yamaha might have increased the rates, but, nothing can be said with utmost surety.

Note here that the new prices will come in to effect from 1st March 2019. See the circular below:

Aside from Yamaha Pakistan, Atlas Honda, as mentioned above, has also hiked the prices of its bikes by up to PKR 400.  According to the details, the company has increased the prices of CD 70, CD 70 dream, Honda Pridor and CG 125, on the other hand, the rates of newly launched CB 125F, and that of CB150F and CB250F have remained unchanged.

The new prices of the bikes are as follow:

Honda CD 70: PKR 69,900

Honda CD 70 Dream: PKR 73,900

Honda Pridor 100cc: PKR 95,900

Honda CG 125: PKR 115,900

CB 125F: PKR 159,900

CB 125F SE: PKR 161,900

CB 150F: PKR 189,900

CB 250F: PKR 640,000

That’s it from our side, drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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