Yamaha YB125Z promises to set new standards of excellence

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As a biker, your main concern after keeping your new ride safe , is a comfortable time riding it. The specs need to be stellar and the seating just right. There shouldn’t be anything missing from the suspension to the muffler making a crisp sound and the headlight shining like a diamond in the dark.

The Smoothest Ride

To make sure you and your passenger have a comfortable and smooth journey on your way to your destination, the YB125Z is home to an engine with a single axis balancer that reduces vibration overall. The crankshaft is fitted with weights to reduce the inner vibration felt when the piston and the connecting rod are both in motion.

No Loss Engine

Why the SOHC format you ask? The 124cc SOHC single cylinder engine makes sure that it does not go over five million units of power. Featuring good torque characteristics that range from low-mid-high rpm range while keeping your horsepower in check. The SOHC engine also features an exhaust chamber that keeps your bike from heating up.

Good Structure And Flexibility

This time, Yamaha has left no stones un turned. From a superior looking vehicle to making it as flexible as they can for every corner and turn. The diamond shape enables both the rider and the passenger to sit comfortably, and to not be affected by unwanted fatigue while the flexibility is for narrow turns and corners from which the bike can speed through gently and without a scratch.

Create The Suspension

The YB125Z features the best suspension gear in all of the Yamaha products. The front suspension makes sure your ride is vibration and shock proof while the rear suspension with the twin shock system is great for resistance. Together, the front and rear suspension get rid of all vibrations that occur due to big or small bumps in the road.

Foot-pegs And Excellent Seating

The most appreciated feature of the YB125Z is the flat seat which leaves the rider fatigue free and the foot pegs that come with it. These enable the rider to feel more relaxed without their legs stretched for a long time in a painful manner while making the journey shock free.

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