Yamaha Ybr125 – Few Issues Found In The Bike By New Owners

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Yamaha got a great response from Pakistani market just after the launch of Yamaha Ybr125 back in April this year. The sporty design and dynamic looks of this bike enticed the buyers to try the new Yamaha. Although I am a proud owner of Yamaha Ybr125 myself, since June 2015, but have personally found some shortcomings in this bike after riding it for more than 2000 kms. Moreover, I have also questioned many Yamaha Ybr owners for their review on this bike, a glimpse of which I would show you in this article as well.

Starting with the shortcomings I faced in this bike; first of all, just after getting done with the break-in period, the nuts and bolts of both the rear view mirrors caught rust even after regularly cleaning activity and utmost care in rainy days. This wasn’t all, just few days later I noticed tiny spots of corrosion appearing on the joints of the main frame of my bike. I brought this situation in notice of Yamaha’s service manager who ensured a complete solution to the problem.

The rusted mirrors were replaced with new ones within a week and a rust control treatment was done at Yamaha’s service center.

Another very common problem I came across after interviewing many Ybr125 owners was the missing current issue. Almost 70% people faced the missing current issue when their bike touched 8000 rpm. Luckily I am not among those 70% people facing this issue. One reason might be that I always use a balance mixture of high octane and regular petrol and got my plug replaced right after first tuning on 1000 kms.

This article is neither against Yamaha nor it aims to discourage Yamaha and its bikes in Pakistan. It is just an unbiased review based on a personal experience and a research survey conducted among the Ybr owners. This article just aims to highlight some major issues faced by Yamaha owners.

Here’s a glimpse of owners’ comments when I asked them about their experience in Yamaha Ybr125 Owners’ Community on Facebook.





It is a new bike, and it will take people some time to get used to it, owners and mechanics both. Understanding the limits of your vehicle is very important. Nevertheless, what deserves appreciation is that Yamaha is actively addressing all the complaints from its customers and providing an excellent prompt response.

If you are the proud new owner of Yamaha Ybr125, please do share your experience, likes and dislikes, anything you would like to share, in the comments section below. Happy riding!

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  1. DJ says

    now finally you came up with research good review 🙂 but being a rider of YBR 3600 km + now things are getting improved but you would have added fuel economy issue which is not good as well for me avg is 30-35K same CG 125 and Deluxe 125. so in my opinion there should be different bikes for different people if someone is hungry for performance he should compromise fuel efficiency in our case we are compromising fuel efficiency as well performance (Acceleration and Speed compared to competition)

  2. Waqar Azim says

    Yes it’s all but one thing more to add is YAMAHA should keep an eye on Quality Control deptt regarding tightening the nuts and bolts. In my bike where ever the nut has to open; extra force and tools were to use to unbolt.

    No matter the YBR’s quality is good as compared to Suzuki 150 or AHL 125 but the paint job on the joints should be according to Pakistani seasons and environmental factors.

    However, overall it’s a good review and hope that such reviews will continue in future and can give right direction to the bike manufacturing companies.

  3. Ch Nauman says

    I am a completely satisfied owner of this bike ALHAMDOLILLAH from past two months. Time to break the monoply of honda in pakistan. People of Pakistan can afford bikes at any price if its value for money. We need more options now to open the market and give everyone complete satisfaction.

  4. Syed Sohaib says

    Please check maybe its the limiter which creats the missing problem..i mean it limits ur revs in particular gear so that u dont over rev the engine creating a jerk which people think of as missing problem..this guy mentioning in the last pic that when it reaches 100 in 4th gear it starts missing and gets normal in 5th so explains that it has a limiter..

  5. Mohsin Ahmed says

    True Sir i Agree with you

  6. Farkleet Ahmad Cheema says

    Assallam o Alikum. i have Suzuki Gds110 bike. i am satisfied from this. but i am entrusted in ybr125. you friends suggest me this do i purchase yamaha ybr125 or not? my suzuki fuel average is 45 to 48km per L.
    and very comfortable. Do i change the bike?

  7. Sultan Lashari says

    48 on a 110? don’t change.

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