Ever wonder what your driving style reveals about you?

You may not pay attention to the way you drive the car, but for all those who love to be behind the steering wheel, there’s a lot that can be revealed about your personality just by the way you hold the steering wheel.

The Perfectionist


You are “The Perfectionist!” You pay great attention to detail, and you move forward by inspiring others. No matter what domain you work in, success is all that you achieve.

The Cool Dude


Dude, you’re cool! Everything in life comes naturally to you. You don’t take things seriously and chill in every situation. Even in the hardest times of your life, you’re an easy-going person, who goes by the self-confidence.

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The Minimalist


In your point of view, the life should be kept as simple as possible. Rather than being surrounded by the crowd, you choose to be around a few who know you better. With nothing loud, you’re still an interesting person for deep conversations.

The Adventurer


You love to take risks. With a spirit of an adventurous, you love to live the life to its fullest. Your life is a mix of thrilling adventures and you wouldn’t let the people around you get bored.

The Boss


You believe in leading the way. With strong decision-making skills, no matter what the situation is, you fit perfect as in charge of anything.

The Supporter


You’re kind! You love being the support system, someone people could count on in their hardest times. You have a positive outlook towards life and that makes you more loveable amongst your peers and social circle.

The Peacemaker


You live in a drama-free zone, where you avoid all the arguments and negative comments out. With your peacemaking attitude, you often play a positive role in ending others’ disputes.

Mr. Funny


You’re funny and tend to find humor in every situation. With a great sense of humor, you have an artistic approach to life.

The Nervous One


You’re always self-conscious and hesitate to take initiatives. Others may push you, but you don’t come out of your shell easily and you feel safe to be unknown.

The Bulldozer


You love to live life at a high pace. You’re determined, and don’t let anyone come in your way.  

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Notable Replies

  1. The results are 100% accurate, since other than the last one, I think I have all other traits in me, at different times of the day! :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. mosal says:

    a few of them should say,"you are dead"

  3. I try all of these at different times of day & different driving conditions :smiley:

  4. "A cool Dude" almost 90% of the time... Lolz

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