Attock Petroleum’s net profit goes up by 21 percent

Oil selling company Attock Petroleum has posted its net profit for Q3 of the fiscal year 2018, and it looks promising. As per the data revealed, the company had earned PKR 1.45 billion, which shows the net profit has gone up by 21 percent as compared to Q3 of the fiscal year 2017. The company earned PKR 1.20 billion in Q3 of 2017. Additionally, Attock’s gross profit during Q3 of FY 2018 also increased by 37.22 percent. It earned PKR 2.47 billion in the said time.

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It is important to mention here that Attock Petroleum Limited’s earnings per share increased to PKR 17.52. Moreover, the overall net sale of the company for Q3 of FY 2018 also soared to 30%YoY to Rs 45.01 billion. In the same quarter in the corresponding year, the overall net sale of the company was PKR 34.67 billion.

Aside from Attock Petroleum, Hascol has posted their profits for the year 2017. According to the notice, which the company sent to Pakistan Stock Exchange, it earned PKR 1.32 billion in profit, which has gone up by 10 percent compared to its preceding year.

Moving onward, Ghandhara Nissan’s net profit has gone up by 82.19 percent in the last quarter, while IMC has managed to increase its net gain up to 23 percent.

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Notable Replies

  1. not surprising at all.

    Attock sells the finest fuel on its company operated pumps in islamabad.

    A PKDM alto which gives me 14km/ltr inside city driving once gave me 10 km/ltr after getting fuel from PSO f-8.

    Been using attock fuel for more thn 10 years now and car gives best average and never faced fuel related issues like other people do who get fuel from elseware.

  2. aa78 says:

    High profits by adding MMT to fuel and screwing customer's car engine.

  3. i strongly disagree with you, attock pumps at its company operated pumps sells the finest petrol in pakistan.

    selling exactly what is displayed.

    even the recent reports of HONDA AND OGRA shows attock is not into mixups like PSO and others.

    i would request you to come to islamabad buy fuel from attock pumps which are company operated you will certainly feel noticeable change (not sure out of isb pindi where else are company operated pumps are)

    P.S i am not Attock employee lol, though i work in oil & gas industry i am a loyal customer of attock pumps for almost 12 years now since its opening in F-11 islamabad.

  4. aa78 says:

    What exactly do you disagree with? I was an Attock customer when I lived near one of their factory operated pumps.

    Please be certain what is being talked about. We are not talking about mixing fuels, adding water, etc. I am talking about use of MMT by the OMCs to boost octane ratings to cheaply meet the abysmally specified Euro 2 complaint RON92 fuel.

    "Contrary to the impression created by Hascol, OCAC clarified that fuel
    being sold in the country is strictly in accordance with the approved
    specifications issued by the Ministry of Energy, Petroleum Division.
    This is also a fact that “all OMCs, including Hascol, import and buy
    petroleum products from local refineries in accordance to the official
    country specifications. **Therefore, petroleum products being sold by all **
    OMCs are on exactly the same specifications across Pakistan,” it said.


    It said Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl (MMT) was surely a manganese-based fuel additive used in the production of unleaded fuel to enhance octane. It was also used in lead replacement as it was the only octane-booster additive, which enables old car engines to run with unleaded fuel. By using MMT, refineries can reduce the use of benzene, aromatics and olefins, hence lowering more internationally recognised harmful-to-health chemicals. Benzene is a known carcinogen.It said the MMT use in Pakistan was started by refineries over 10 years back after extensive due diligence and ascertaining that both the US
    Environmental Protection Agency and an independent European Union risk
    assessment had confirmed that the use of MMT as an octane improver in
    fuel would not cause adverse effects on human health or the environment.
    MMT dosage is restricted to the prescribed limits."


    So all of them add MMT. Bear in mind that fuel changes occurred recently within last two years IIRC so fuel results before that are not valid anymore.

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