2016 Kia Sportage Spotted In China

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Its been a fair while since Kia stopped selling the Sportage in Pakistan, but that hasn’t stopped them from garnering great success with the model in international markets and only just recently has the brand new 2016 Kia Sportage design surfaced in the public.

The 2016 Kia Sportage will be fully revealed at the much anticipated Frankfurt Motor Show on September the 8th, in Germany, but before the show Kia decided to release few images of the new Sportage to showcase its design and its a massive departure from the design language of the old Sportage. On the front end you have almost top mounted headlights with a brand new grille flanked by four daytime running LED lights. On the back you have a new set of taillights that resemble the taillights found on a Jaguar F-Type joined together by a chrome stripe running across them. It also features new twin oval exhausts and new 18 inch wheel designs.

At launch the 2016 Sportage will be offered with three petrol engines a 1.2 liter turbo, a 1.6 liter NA, and a 1.6 liter turbo that will send power to all four wheels. Inside, you get a much more modern cabin with an 8 inch infotainment system, an electronic parking brake and a flat bottomed steering wheel that you usually find in supercars. All in all the new 2016 Sportage is shaping up to be a great car which kind of makes you wish that it was still sold here in Pakistan. There are a countless number of people who would benefit from a small cheap crossover vehicle that is both economical, spacious and fun to drive at the same time.

Who knows maybe one day Kia just might decide to reintroduce their cars here.





Photos: CNC

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  1. Shani Arain says

    Kia is now one of the best luxary brand . But we like to drive Mehran !

  2. Qasim57 says

    Nobody likes to drive Mehran – people like to drive luxury brands. They get Mehran because they can’t afford luxury.

    Given our govt policies, even non-luxury cars cost as much as luxury ones do abroad. Car manufacturers benefit by making alot of $$$ selling obsolete old stuff. And govt benefits from kickbacks.

  3. Shani Arain says

    no brother. Now we buy a zero-meter Mehran which cost like 8 lacs with everything . but we could buy a japanese aulto in that range. Lkn nahi hamara mind set hi esa hai ke kia kr sakte hain .

  4. Qasim57 says

    Hmm, that is true. But arguably, many Mehrans being driven around are not zero-meter but preowned..

    Atleast in my experience, I’ve seen very few new mehrans in the past year or two. The only benefit it gives over Kia, is the availability of cheap spare-parts, and this obsession with resale value that people have… many people don’t seem to wanna buy for the long-run, they don’t even maintain things like it’s their own, they just plan to flip and sell in a short while.

  5. rkk says

    For Gods sake stop dreaming about these cars coming to pakistan in each and every article of yours. Ruins the whole article really. With each imported car review u write ” who knows this will end up here” . Bas kerdo !

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