2018 Suzuki Jimny Spy Shots and Leaked Images

2018 Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny is not only a worthy successor of Suzuki SJ (Potohar), but also a very capable off-roader. Recently there were rumors that Suzuki is working on an update lately. And now it appears, those rumors are turning out to be true with these spy shots of the new 2018 Suzuki Jimny.

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The real world spy shots of the new off-roader show the basic shape of the vehicle. Although the new Jimny is all covered in the masking sheets, it is not hard to see what the final outlook of the new car would be. Like the original SJ, new Jimny looks quite boxy from the exterior. Where current generation Jimny had round and soft edges, the new gen vehicle looks like its inspired from the original Suzuki SJ as well as somehow gives a hint of a similarly boxy Mercedes G-Wagon. It looks like a baby G-Wagon from the rear.


Besides those spy shots, the images of the final product leaked on the internet as well. The leaked images look like they are from some official Suzuki brochure considering the type of photography involved as well as the outlook of the vehicles in those photos. As far the front of the car is concerned, the new front-end looks quite similar to GM’s Hummer H2 SUV.


The current shape Suzuki Jimny in Pakistan is available for PKR 2,293,000. It is highly unlikely the new Jimny will ever make to Pakistan unless someone imports it on their own.

Suzuki SJ 410

Suzuki SJ 410

Suzuki Jimny

Current Suzuki Jimny

Notable Replies

  1. looks like a cross btwn Potohar and Jimny

    After so many years this is what they came up with?

    PS : Jimny in Pakistan is an imported product, so if the importing country changes the shape we will also get the new shape.

  2. Uglier than its predecessors.

  3. Looks awesome finally a change after 20 years it looks more rough n tough. Lets hope they introduce a hybrid 1.3 Jimny 4x4 It will be the gamechanger in small SUV field.

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