2018 Yamaha YBR 125G launched in Pakistan

After the launch of the 2018 Yamaha YBRYamaha Pakistan has launched the 2018 model of YBR 125G as well. The new model was unveiled at an exclusive launch ceremony in Karachi. The 2018 Yamaha YBR 125G has not only received the cosmetic changes, but Yamaha has also tinkered with the hardware as well to suit the riding conditions of Pakistan.

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Where the 2018 Yamaha YBR received a simpler and clean look when it comes to graphics, the 2018 125G is much more vibrant. It says 125G in the bright yellow decal on the tank of the bike. And now there is a new blue color to the lineup as well along with the regular red and black bikes. Here are the new colors.
2018 Yamaha YBR 125G (1)

2018 Yamaha YBR 125G (2)

2018 Yamaha YBR 125G (3)

Talking about the mechanical changes, the new bike comes with a free-flowing exhaust. It is the similar exhaust you get in the Yamaha YBZ. The new exhaust is slightly louder as well compared to the previous generation YBR and YBG. You can expect a slight increase in performance with this upgrade.

And the second biggest change is the new carburetor jets that Yamaha has brought. New YBR 125G comes with an up-jetted carburetor. Both changes will, of course, provide more power but there is a chance the fuel consumption will increase as well as a result.

Other than that, Yamaha has started to localize the YBR lineup with some parts being manufactured in Pakistan for the 2018 models. The aim is to not only keep the costs down but also to promote local production. The new 2018 Yamaha YBR 125G is priced at PKR 137,500.

2018 Yamaha YBR 125G (4)

2018 Yamaha YBR 125G (6)

2018 Yamaha YBR 125G (7)

2018 Yamaha YBR 125G (8)

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  • Fouwad Mir

    Is it assembled in Pakistan?

  • Rameez

    Few days before i beat this yamaha by my honda cg 125 2013 model
    They 2 people on yamaha
    And me and my wife on my honda cg 125
    I chase from behind …
    Creek avenue D.H.A

  • Masood khan

    Well quoted mr. Rameez as they say tht the carburetor type of ybr is better than 125 CG, YES INDEED IT IS THE CASE.
    But the problem is ybr is heavier than 125CG thts buy in no way hope ybr could beat 125CG i was planning to get ybr but i now stick to 125CG plan.
    Honda is unbeatable….at least in case of its best of 125 series

  • cheeno

    Price is high should be near one lakh

  • Mudassar Ijaz

    Heavy is better for safety, Honda 125 no doubt a performance bike but its not up to standard weight handling ratio for that power bracket.

  • Muhammad Arsalan

    I think the carburator which they are using in YbrG, Suzuki is already using that technology in their bikes.

  • Muhammed Arif

    What is the price?

  • M Salman Tariq

    why is the price pretty much the same when they have started to use local parts?

  • Jugnu

    Did you told them that you are going to compete them? 2nd thing you are duffer, you was going with your wife and you racing with other bikers? i am 100% sure your wife didnt wear the helmet. You put her life in danger…..Big “D”.

  • Jawad

    Honda CG 125 has raw power and I dont think that it will be easy for any YBR bike to beat it easily. But the fact remains that the Drive Comfort of any YBR is much more than that of Honda CG 125. Infact, I can safely say that it is not comparable at all. For a feeler, I recommend that you should try to ride a YBR and/or Suzuki 110/150, and then ride back your CG 125 and you will surely FEEL the difference

  • Kashif

    Well whatever Yamaha do to bring fanatasfa bikes in Pk but ppl will still prefer same third class obsuleob Honda 125 whose 2018 model is still similar to 1976. I think pk ppl have serious problems. They’ll prefer khota gaari mehran in cars and honda 125 in bikes. Allah hee Haafiz hy iss qoum ka…

  • Saim

    Is this model is available
    Now in pakistan and is it self start?

  • M Salman Tariq


  • Kashif

    Well, I believe speed is not everything bro. people must know the worth of their money investing while buying same old 1976 model with 2018 stickers. I have still Honda CG125 1976 and XL70 1974 Japan made (my father purchased those in that time) but I don’t find any difference between 1976 CG125 and 2018! Just very minor touch ups and new model is ready! That’s sheer bullshit and ignorance of ppl (not everyone) who are still accepting this shit.

  • Ahmed Riaz

    Is it self start

  • Wali Jatoi

    Plz do something for your site it takes so long to load your website, whenever i have browsed ur site i left it in middle due to slow process,

  • Adnan Qadir Bhatti

    we want to see fz bikes in pakistan. you are launching bikes with beautiful design and with affordable price in india. but in pakistan you are presenting old design bikes. if you want to make business launch new fz serious i am really interested to buy fz bike specially fz25

  • Ali Hassan

    Is qoum ko fuel k paisay ap do gy? Roads ap do gy, jahan heavy bikes chal skain? Log wohi cheez lete hain jo jo affordable ho. Sb Honda Civic k spare parts r fuel nhi afford kr skty na mere bhai. Shauq sb sa hota hai. Per chadar dekh k paon phelany prty hain.

  • Muhammad Asif

    Not only bikes but cars with about 70% less price as compared to Pakistanis price are offering in India.

  • Azeem Shah

    I Have Yamaha YBR 125G
    Milage is 27 KM to 30 KM pr Letter.
    Speed 100 km / h
    Is this Able the Price Rs137500 ???

  • Abdul Mateen

    Yamaha has launched YBR 125Z. 2018 model as well?

  • Bhatti

    This difference is due to currency rate is one fact, on the other side Pakistani manufacturers are bandits they are minting illogical profit because of corrupt politicians.