3 Cheapest Cars to Buy Under 2 Lacs in Pakistan 

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In the current times of rapid inflation and rising prices of cars, buying a car in a limited budget of 2 lacs can be difficult and tiresome. Do not worry as we have got you covered and compiled a list of three cars that you can buy under 2 lacs in Pakistan. These cars are listed on PakWheels.com in large numbers. So choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs.  

Suzuki Mehran 

Suzuki Mehran for sale on pakwheels

Suzuki Mehran has been extolled as one of the most popular locally-assembled cars in Pakistan. Its stripped-down and bare-minimum nature helped Pak Suzuki to keep its price low and hence affordable for the masses in Pakistan. It has been the entry-level car for anyone looking to shift from two-wheel transportation to four-wheel one. Suzuki Mehran has low maintenance costs and its spare parts are readily available from a wide network of 3S dealerships in Pakistan.

Since it has a small 800cc petrol engine, it also provides a good fuel economy both in the city and on the highway. It comes in only manual transmission with four gears. Moreover, the resale market of Suzuki Mehran is very active and you can buy or sell it within no time. You can buy the late 1990s or earlier model of Suzuki Mehran in the budget of 2 lacs. Unfortunately, Suzuki Mehran is devoid of features like power steering, power windows, power mirrors, and airbags. 

Suzuki Khyber 

Suzuki Khyber for sale under 2 lac

If your preference is to buy a car with a spacious interior and a big trunk, then Suzuki Khyber must be your choice over Suzuki Mehran. Suzuki Khyber has more legroom for the rear passengers and a bigger engine. It has a 1000cc petrol engine fitted to a manual transmission. You can buy the late 1990s or earlier model of Suzuki Khyber in the budget of 2 lacs.

Suzuki Khyber is the elder sibling of Suzuki Mehran as it has similar features with a bigger engine and bigger body size. The extended wheelbase provides greater stability. Suzuki Khyber was a popular hatchback back in the day when it was being manufactured. It still has an active resale market mainly due to its reliability and low maintenance and running costs. Spare parts are readily available from the local market. 

Suzuki FX

Suzuki FX for sale under 2 lac

Suzuki FX also enjoyed widespread popularity and it is still active in the resale market which is impressive as it was discontinued a long time ago. You can still find a well-maintained and fully-functioning Suzuki FX under 2 lacs. It came with an 800cc petrol engine similar to the one which was later offered in Suzuki Mehran. 

Suzuki FX is a reliable car and its small size helps in maneuvering in the city. It also does not have fancy features like power windows and power steering. It is one of the bare-minimum cars you can get off the market right now. 

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