BMW Z4 (2018) Unveiled

The second generation BMW Z4 has been on the market since 2009 making the two seater roadster more than 8 years old at this point of time. The Z4 hasn’t always been a great seller for BMW, sales have been slow as competitors like the Mercedes SLC and the Audi TT have progressed to new levels of performance and refinement while the Z4 has long become outdated. But BMW is keen to not give up on the segment just yet, as I’m sure most of you know BMW currently has a partnership with Toyota where they are working to co-develop a platform that BMW will use for the new Z4 and Toyota will use for the brand new Supra. While there is currently no news of when the new Supra will make its world debut, BMW has gone ahead to reveal the brand new BMW Z4 in all its concept form glory and its a stunner.


BMW has been criticized for its design language as of late for it being to sedate and restrained, but clearly, this isn’t the theme they were going for with the brand new Z4. The new design language is much more aggressive when compared to any BMW that has preceded it, especially the previous generation Z4. With large aggressive cutouts in the bonnets, new LED headlights that look like a modern version of the headlights that we saw on the BMW Z8, a wide rear end with dual exhaust tips it truly shows that BMW put a lot of effort into the design of the new Z4 to make sure it can stand out from the competition. BMW even managed to beautifully incorporate this new design language with their traditional recipe for a small convertible roadster with the long bonnet and the short wide rear end. While this is still a concept car BMW has said that this concept version will look 90% identical to the production version that will hit the road somewhere in 2018.


Even the interior looks impressive with a vast array of buttons and a large infotainment system. We doubt the steering wheel shown in these pictures will actually make production. Power wise it is rumored that the new BMW Z4 and its twin the Toyota Supra will deploy the hybrid technology. Rumors suggest a petrol-electric version of BMW’s four cylinders turbocharged petrol engine coupled with electric motors on the front axle and four-wheel drive will deliver instant acceleration and precision handling.


So what do you think of the new BMW Z4 do you think BMW has done enough with it to stand with the likes of the Audi TT and the Mercedes SLC or would you rather hold out for Toyota’s product from this new platform with the new Supra?


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