Things to Do After Buying a Used Car!

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Mostly we take a fair amount of time before buying a used car. Unlike a new car, you have to check the vehicle thoroughly including exterior, interior, and engine. However, there is a whole new issues after buying the vehicle. As the car is used and an most probably an old model, hence, it needs extra attention. In this article, I am going to share my personal experience with you of buying a used car and what should you after buying an old car. Hopefully this would be helpful.

I bought my first car for $200 as that was all my pocket would allow as a student studying in America back in 1976. Within a matter of 6 months, I had spent five times the amount I paid for it initially (by then I had gotten a job that paid a little more). And continued to spend to keep it running till I was able to buy a new Toyota pickup.

You have to remember that the older the car, the older the parts, and the bigger the repair bills. But you can minimize the amount spent on the used car you have just purchased by following the below mentioned few steps:

Change All Oils of the Used Car: 

Not just the engine oil. This way, you can keep a record of the maintenance work carried out, plus your car will run better.

Change All Filters:

Get all filters changed including oil, air, fuel, transmission (automatic transmissions only). But make sure you use good quality filters.

Change All Belts of the Used Car: 

If required, get the belts changed.  You can examine the belts for cracks and wear. If your car has a timing belt, replace it if it shows even the slightest of cracks.

Change Tyres if Necessary:

Check the condition of the tyres after buying the vehicle and if feels essential, get them changed. Otherwise, get the tyres balanced and have the wheel alignment carried out.

Change the Battery if Necessary:

A weak battery that cannot start the car will rapidly cause you to lose that enthusiasm you had when you first bought the car.

Get the Radiator Cleaned Out:

Do give it proper check for any fault or issue. Check the radiator cap and radiator hoses. Replace if necessary, and fill it with quality coolant.

Some of you must be thinking that I must be crazy, asking you to spend extra money on preventive maintenance. But keep two things in mind. First, you don’t know how well the previous owner maintained his/her car. The second, which would be cheaper in terms of time and money? To buy a fan belt at your convenience? Or to replace a broken fan belt while on the way to the airport or the bus station, in which case you would have to hire a taxi to go and locate a shop to buy the belt. Then find a mechanic to fit the fan belt.

Owning a vehicle can be a lot of fun, but keeping it that way requires some care on your part. So try to study the Owner’s Manual and keep a logbook of the fuel consumed, and the repairs and maintenance carried out.

Happy motoring.

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  1. DJ says

    @all pakwheel mods / Editors … you are doing great job and you are in this industry for more than 10 years my only concern is why all of your reviews are based on Written articles why you dont start Video reviews/ opinions / suggestion to help better understand users about products / problems. worldwide even in neighboring country video reviews are very popular but i never seen any video review from you side i suggest please start this so it can be easy for every one to watch things in details.

  2. Guest says

    Changing the brake oil would make the already corroded all the brake seals leak one by one. There would be a brake failure everyday. This could be dangerous. So when going for brake oil flush, replace all the washers, seals and boots. May have to replace brake lines (pipes) and brake pads or shoes as well. If the car is older like 15 years or so, a complete brake overhaul is must.

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