You Can Buy A 2013 Toyota Axio Hybrid For The Price Of The Toyota Corolla Altis Grande

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Since the launch and success of Toyota Prius some 25 years ago, hybrid cars have become a way of life all over the world. Even prestigious German brands have been forced to launch hybrid models due to their popularity. The success of newly launched Mercedes S 400 Hybrid is a glaring example.

In Pakistan, due to inherent inertia in our thought process and scared technical advice, hybrid cars initially were seen with suspicion. But government’s bold policy in 2012 to half the import duty on hybrid cars gave a boost to this technology in the country.

Recently however, the most popular model was Toyota Prius. Till 2010, 2nd generation Prius was being produced with 1500cc 1NZ engine but in 2009, Toyota launched the 3rd generation 1800cc Prius Hybrid with the famous 2ZR engine. Though popular world over, people in Pakistan are averse to hatchbacks and didn’t like Prius due to its somewhat unassuming design. To fill in the 1500cc gap, Toyota launched 1500cc hatch back called Aqua in 2012 which is quite popular amongst the youth in Japan.

However in 2013, Toyota took a bold step by launching world’s most popular sedan ‘Corolla’ in the hybrid format and naming it Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid. Its a 11th generation new shape 1500cc Hybrid with the famous 1NZ-FXE engine which produces 74hp in addition to an electric motor. The power is transferred through a 5-Speed CVT and its claimed mileage is over 30km/l.

The Toyota Axio car comes in 3 trims i.e, Axio, Axio G Selection (with key ignition) and Axio G Selection with push start, heated seats and HD front lights. Body size is 4360*1695*14mm and compartment size is 1945*1430*12mm.

As compared to a plastic-y trim and dash board of Prius; the door work, dashboard and seats are solid and firm in Toyota Axio Hybrid with minimal outside noise. Safety is the overwhelming factor with 8 airbags, ABS and anti-skid device. Car has an in-dash computer with steering mounted controls and music systems with multimedia.

In comparison to newly launched Corolla by Indus motors — difference is marked– both in technology and quality of workmanship. Whereas newly launched Indus motors top line Grande comes with manual air conditioning system, all the Axio Hybrids come with climate control and nano air purifiers. The suspension is soft enough to absorb the mass of car on high speed braking bringing car to halt with efficient ABS and anti-skidding device. Whereas local Corolla, due to hard shocks cannot absorb mass of car on sudden breaking and mostly skid or overturn on hard breaking.

Over all an excellent addition to Toyota family and will be much popular in Pakistan masses being a sedan version of Hybrid cars. Approximate base price of imported 2013 Model is Rs2.48m which is what Grande would cost you.





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  1. Nauman says

    But then one has to compromise on ugly looking exterior of axio as compared to grande

  2. Baber says

    There is that of course but if your sole purpose of buying a car is maximum utility. This is the perfect choice then with all the techfest going on in there with a staggering mileage. However, Grande is a good car as well, so we’ve heard. Tough choice here.

  3. Rao says

    Axio fielder hybrid is much better looking than this

  4. RF says

    Till when we will be crying over Toyota and honda

  5. Haseeb says

    What is the battery life of this car and cost of battery replacement?

  6. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    whats the difference between abs and anti skid device? :O

    it is still a level below prius.

  7. Muddassir Hashmi says

    Good introduction. Why doesn’t indus introduce a hybrid corolla also a lower model like yaris to compete against city.

  8. Muddassir Hashmi says

    Abs is anti lock braking, to prevent wheels from locking, anti skid is modulating brakes on front/rear and left/right wheels to keep the car under control while braking and cornering.

  9. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    isn’t it called traction control? according to toyota abs is acronym of anti-skid braking system (anti-lock braking system by other manufacturers).

  10. Muddassir Hashmi says

    Traction control is an opposite of abs. It modulates drive to wheels to prevent spinning once power is applied.

  11. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    i just wanna know the universal name, abs, ebd, vsc, traction control? what is it?

  12. naseer says

    very good

  13. OJ says

    The following factors go against the JDM model as compared to the Indus grande
    1) Size: Grande is larger than the JDM model
    2) Looks: Grande is much better looking
    3) Warranty
    4) Indus offers a brand new car!!
    5) Availability of parts
    6) Power: 1.8 altis is around 140 bhp, the combined bhp (petrol+electric) of the axio is lesser
    7) resale
    8) serviceability ( grande having a classic engine can be maintained from any normal mechanic, I am not so sure that a hybrid can offer a similar package)
    My point is that as pointed out by the author the axio is a very good option, it’s a hybrid and it has a number of extra features but as a package the grande is better, which is very clear when you are on the road where you can see a number of altis but far fewer axios

  14. Adnan Syed says

    The same corolla which is available in pakistan had been launched as a hybrid model too in japan. The pic u show is the certainly new axio its from shanghai auto show. As axio is corolla version for hongkong and chinese markets. For correct information browse toyota japan website

  15. Zohaib says

    Guys no doubt JDM cars have no match against PDM, but the problem is with resale and parts. Same importer when selling u a JDM car will make huge promises about resale and parts availability but will shamelessly shun you out when you need him by simply saying i do not deal with JDM cars which have done mileage in Pakistan. Secondly there is a lot of “do numbery” going on by these importers. You will come to know about your it when you will be selling your imported ride after some usage.

  16. kaif says

    what a stupid reason you have given… have you ever bought a car by yourself??? i am sure no,,,,,,, have you ever gone to bargains aor showroom in your city??? havent you seen japanese cars standing over there??? are they just standing for fun??? common you stupid.. wake up… people reads your comments.. please dont put down someones moral by just your stupid comment if you dont know anyting

  17. Zohaib says

    First of all your language gives me an insight of your upbringing, family and the class you belong to. That is the only reason my comment flew over your thick head. Secondly I have had three imported cars purchased by my own hard earned money in span of 10 years, so i know the stuff which i am saying in my comment.
    I have had these experiences while selling my Toyota crown 98, Vitz 2004 and axio 2007.
    There is a huge dent in resale price. When I approached the importer who while selling was making tall claims just said “yeh to JDM main hota hai ab itnay main hi bikay gi” , similarly parts of these cars are expensive e.g original spark plugs of axio cost around 7.5K to 9K where as bafoons like you inset local spark plug or beltas’s saprk plugs in thier cars costing 2K.
    Having all these experiences i have now bought PDM 2016 1.6 Altis, Although i miss the drive of axio but now i don’t have to worry about expensive maintenance and resale.

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