China Gets Manual 1.5L Turbo 2016 Honda Civic – 1.0L Turbo Civic On Its Way

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So the excitement about the 10th generation Honda Civic is already high all across Pakistan. Earlier this week we shared details on the PKDM [Pakistan Domestic Model] Civic X. Honda is releasing the model all across different markets. Civic is already out and for sale in USA, Australia, Middle East and ASEAN countries and soon in Pakistan. Selected Honda dealerships have started to take pre-booking of Honda Civic 2016 across Pakistan as well. Europe is the next destination where Civic will hit showrooms sometime in 2017.

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Honda recently officially revealed Civic for China as well. And China is a massive market for Honda. Honda works/assembles their models in China in a joint venture with Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. 10th generation Civic being a Global model remains the same from inside out like everywhere else in the world. In China Civic at launch will be available only with one engine option and that is the new 1.5L Turbo, unlike other Asian markets where 1.8L NA is also available. In China, four variants will be offered to customers. All options get the most wanted full TFT cluster [unfortunately, it might not be available even on fully loaded 1.5T in Pakistan]. Multi-function controls on the steering wheel are also standard across the trims as well as the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay head-unit. Push button start, sunroof also comes standard. Dual climate control unit is also a standard item. The top of the line model gets the Honda’s Sensing Active safety system. Upper two trim levels get LED headlamps; Sorry Honda enthusiasts, PKDM lacks this one as well. On the safety front, 2016 Honda Civic in China is equipped with six airbags standard as well as ABS with EBD, vehicle stability assist (VSA) and emergency stop signal (ESS). ESS automatically activates the brake and hazard warning lights when it detects an emergency stop situation.

2016-Honda-Civic-220Turbo-China2016-Honda-Civic-220Turbo-China Interestingly the trunk of the Chinese 2016 Honda Civic shows a 220 Turbo badge, unlike a VTEC Turbo badge. Many people may get confused thinking it is 220HP turbo. Well, the fact is, it’s not like that. 220 represent the torque figures which is newton-meters, in other words, 162 ft-lb. The 1.5 Civic power remains same as 174 HP. I don’t know why China came up with a such a badge, but it looks interesting.

Like a different emblem from everywhere else, there is something far more different on this China Civic than the other international models. The base model is available with a 6-speed manual transmission that too on a 1.5 Turbo model. China is the first and only country where a turbo Civic is being offered with a manual transmission at this time. Earlier in April at NY Auto Show, Honda confirmed that on 2017 models, all Civic body styles, hatch, coupe as well as sedan powered by a turbo will also be offered with a manual transmission. The manual transmission will be available first on 2017 model year USDM and later in other markets. This is good news as we might also get a manual gearbox on 1.5T but don’t expect it soon. If any such thing is in the pipeline, it will first show up on Thai or Indonesian models. 1.8L will remain with the current CVT and Honda didn’t say anything if it will get a manual. The base 1.5T Civic in China costs PKR 2,068,460/- while fully loaded goes as high as PKR 2,705,108/-.




2016 Civic from fazalwahab on Vimeo.

Now let’s go over the second part of our today story. Around a year ago, fellow blogger Aref wrote in one of his articles that 2017 Civic will also get a smaller 1.0L VTEC Turbo engine. Initially, it was rumored that the smaller turbo will be available in a European Honda Civic hatch. But now from the looks of it, there will be a Chinese 1.0-liter turbocharged Honda Civic as well. A China-bound 1000 cc turbo Civic has been caught testing recently. This baseline entry-level Civic will have power output figures of 125HP and an expected 180 to 200NM of torque. It is impressive as the 9th generation Honda Civic or the 10th generation Civic equipped with a 1.8L NA engine has the power output of 141 HP [16HP more]. The 10th generation Civic is 30Kg lighter than the outgoing model so don’t assume that a 1.0L Civic will be under powered. The 1.0L VTEC turbo engine is equipped with a high-efficiency turbocharger and Honda’s variable valve mechanism with direct injection which results in higher horsepower and torque. The engine will also be capable of idle stop mechanism to improved fuel efficiency in start-stop traffic.

Honda 1-liter Turbo Honda 1-liter Turbo

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Like 220 Turbo Civic, the baseline 1L Civic will be called 180 Turbo as visible on spy shots. This means that torque figures will be possibly 180NM. The model will also get a 6-speed manual transmission as can be seen in pictures. From spy images, it looks like since it being a base model 1L turbo will not carry all features you see on 1.5L Turbo model and you can expect toned down materials as well. Still we can see an automatic climate control unit. The model will be released for the Chinese market by the end of 2016.

Will we get a 1.0L Civic? A big question and at this time I can say that it might not come to our shores. Reason being there are many car models from many car brands which are exclusively China specific. We might see a 1L Civic sedan in Europe, but availability with such engine for Pakistani market has a very slim chance. At least we can wish, maybe someone at Atlas Honda to listen to this and give us an entry-level 2016-17 Civic at a lower price because if the prices of the 1.5T and 1.8L version are as much as we have heard, it will not be as affordable as 9th generation was. By the way seeing the PKDM Civic specs as we have at this time, even the top of the line 1.5T seems basic and stripped version if we compare it with Civics of the other markets.

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  1. Guest says

    Wonder why we didn’t get a manual with the R18

  2. Racist China says

    China Chaina ha na phir….. Ghatia Quality , Khobsoorat Shape. China Made Honda would definately would be Ghattia than Pak Made Honda. China is a Disposable Country…. They develop disposable shits.

  3. Guest says

    “Two upper top two trim” – anybody fancy a tongue twister?

    1.0L – Interesting to observe how small cars are getting bigger engines, like Jimny, Swift, V2 are having 1.3 – around 10 years ago, cars belonging to those categories used to have smaller engines of 1.0 … and how bigger cars are getting smaller engines, like Audi A3 (1.2 & 1.4), BMW 3 (1.5), Merc C (1.6) and now Civic is also getting a 1.0.

    1000 cc is enough if the torque is high. Remember those torquey Nissan Sunny B11, B12 and B13 that came with an E10 engine and 41M head. Cheap, torquey, fuel efficient, low tax – pure love!

  4. Also guest says

    While you are right that the quality of output of Atlas and Indus is much better than the quality available in Chinese market, there is no need to use foul language.
    In addition of criticizing others’ quality, you could also take some time to ponder over the quality of your own choice of words.

  5. Ehs says

    Please learn to act a bit mature. You need to improve your business knowledge.
    The Chinese market caters to all segments: low cost, mid range, high end. Due to low purchasing power/incomes in Pakistan we tend to have a lot of low quality, low cost Chinese stuff.
    Even Europe, US and Japan are full of Chinese made products so you cannot really generalize.

  6. Mohsan Hassan says

    The highest standard product available in US is “Made in China”.

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    are those the allow rims (shown in the picture at the end of the article) the PKDM Civic X will get? lol

  8. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    if smaller engines equipped with turbo are capable of producing equal or more power than the bigger ones, then why the hell not. Its a move in the right direction. Fuel efficiency+power

  9. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    that is a Honda not some FAW or Chery.

  10. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    yeah, 1.8 should have come with both options Manual and Automatic. But I guess Honda have done their survey, after the influx of imported cars more and more people have started to prefer automatics over manuals because they are much easier to drive in heavy traffic. True in my case.

  11. Fazal Wahab says

    Yes.. alloys

  12. HondaFan#1 says

    Actually, As there is no 1.8 liter civic in china – These shots are of 1.8 not 1.0 – The torque figures is 180nm of 1.8 – 1.0 will have around 150 nm

  13. Guest again says

    Ehs, maybe you have not seen for yourself, but the quality of Toyota products made in China and imported is different. Land Cruiser is imported (from USA, cannot import from Japan as it is RHD) and the build quality much higher than the Highlander produced in China.

    Mercedes E-class coming out of Beijing Benz has poorer quality of manufacture compared to the UK import or Shahnawaz import Mercs available in Pakistan.

    Similarly, Honda Civic made in Pakistan of better quality compared to that available in China and made in China. The quality can be seen in the finish of the paint, fit of doors, longevity of suspension, feel of brake pedal.

    In Pakistan also you see that cars manufactured by Japanese automakers in Pakistan have lower quality compared to cars manufactured by the same companies in Japan for the JDM. But the quality of cars (Toyota and Honda, and even the better cars of Suzuki such as the Swift) manufactured in Pakistan is still better than the quality of cars manufactured in China for local (Chinese) market.

    There are some export oriented cars such as Evoque. The LHD Evoques are manufactured in China. Their quality (as apparent by fit and finish, upholstery, paint, door handles) is no doubt international standard, much better than Chinese AND Pakistani cars.

  14. Guest says

    Because, because, because ….. to manufacture the same power from smaller engine, materials of better quality are needed which are more expensive. Heat density is higher. Better quality fuel is needed. Turbo has its own pains with heat concentration (and with CNG of course :D).

    And, the power which we usually talk about is the peak power (max output). But the engine usually does not run at peak power, it runs at 2000-3000 RPM, so having a car which can manage everything in the 3rd gear is what we want (even with the auto gear, the less shifting the better). Good, usable power should be available at 2000-3000 RPM, there is no use of good power if it is available only when you rev up to 6500. The engine needs enough power at 2000 to be able to rev up to 6500 in the first place.

    And going along with your argument, why are hatchbacks getting larger engines then?

  15. Engineer says

    At least FAW V2 is far far better than Cultus and Wagon-R …. I am using V2 for an Year.. No trouble at all… Best Ride in Best Price

  16. Mohsan Haroon says

    China applies COST CUTTING TECHNIQUES to reduce RAW Material Consumption . Go to China , Stay there for a week , drive their vehicles (though illegal w/o licence) you will see… FAW V2 is a CHINESE GOVERNMENT’s launced TAXI.

  17. Friendly advice says

    The concept of taxi in Pakistan and other countries is different. In Pakistan, Taxi has the following properties: broken everywhere, headlights missing, taillights missing, torn upholstery, unlicensed and uncivilized driver, mechanically unfit, etc.

    In other countries, taxi is a luxury ride and is usually very very expensive. The transport (=bus) system is good, and people actually walk long distances. Toyota Crown was made as a taxi. The intended purpose when Toyota was designing that car was its use as a taxi. You can read the wikipedia article about it.

    FAW V2 is too small to be used as a taxi. Taxi needs to be big enough to hold multiple suitcases. In China, the common taxi different according to the province. The taxi companies are owned by the government, and the car manufacturing companies are also usually owned by the government. But the taxi company will buy the taxis whose manufacturing center is near. The most common taxi is still VW Santana (大众桑塔纳), VW New Santana and Hyundai Sonata 4th gen, with a few BYD E6 electrics being recruited. In a few provinces, local factories are getting orders, those cars include Chery 奇瑞.

    Practically nobody buys V2 in China because it is too small for their taste, and people always prefer imported (true for people belonging to any country). You can check the sales figures on website like chinaautoweb for yourself.

    Actually the build quality of V2 imported in Pakistan is better than the locally manufactured smaller Suzukis, but less than Swift or Honda.

  18. Umar Pal says

    They suck…looks chinese, ones you can get from any other shop.

  19. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I dont know. Maybe for more torque?
    ahan so we need twin turbo, one that works at lower revs 😛

  20. Ismail Akram says

    I wish 1.5T comes in manual in Pakistan. only then I be interested to upgrade my 2014 civic.. I think its better for me Manual is not in Pakistan as it will save me money 😉

  21. kami says

    Very strange that the Pakistani Model of Honda wont have all the features like LED Head lights etc as what I am seeing in Dubai

  22. Hearty Boy says

    well! IF ATLAS HONDA can provide this new civic with 1.0l turbo engine in pakistan and with a price bracket under 2 million rupees,then it would be a game changer for them.This model would become a workhorse for them as gli is for toyota. They will also catch customers of gli from toyota and consumers will be able to enjoy a engine worth of 1.8 litre performance and tax of below 1000c engine and civic x drive!.

  23. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    better than Cultus yes, better than a Wagon R? nope, sure it has a more powerful engine but there are quality issues like wear n tear on rear brake shoes, wind noise, interior material quality and it is based upon first generation vitz design which was released in 1998 vs WR which is at least 10 year new design so it is technically superior.

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