CNG stations opened after two weeks in Punjab

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CNG stations have been opened after being closed for two weeks in Punjab.

As per the details, a spokesperson of the Petroleum Division while speaking with the media said that the government has opened the supply of gas to CNG stations so that people can afford cheap travel, also the government has reduced the prices of CNG by PKR five rupees to give a sigh of relief to the general public.

He also asserted that the government is working on a strategy to provide low-cost fuel to the people of the country. Note here that CNG stations of Islamabad have also been opened after the gas supply.

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Aside from reducing the prices of CNG, the government at the beginning of this year also reduced the prices of oil products by up to PKR 5 per litre.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), a few days ago, recommended slashing the prices by up to PKR 13.5 per litre. However, the government didn’t act as per recommended by the authority, but still gave incentive to the people. The Ministry of Finance has issued a notification in this regard and announced the new prices for the month of January 2019.

The new prices of the oil products are as follow:

Petrol: Rs.90.97 per litre

High-Speed Diesel: Rs.106.68 per litre

Light Diesel Oil: Rs.75.28 per litre

Kerosene Oil: Rs.82.98 per litre

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