Daewoo Express brings Volvo Busses in its New Gold Class!

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Just two weeks from now, while I was coming to Lahore, I was taken off guard by a dozen of Volvo buses parked at Daewoo’s service bay situated in Sundar, just outside Lahore. The first question that popped my mind was: “What are Volvo Buses doing at ‘Daewoo’ Express service bay?” Initially, I thought it could be a joint servicing agreement between Volvo and Daewoo which is not something unheard of in the industry. The second reason was more apparent than not that Daewoo were to launch Volvo Buses to compete with the newly introduced Qconnect service. Now it turns out that the latter was true. As Daewoo Express has added all new Volvo buses to its fleet. These buses will become part of Gold Class, which will serve as the most expensive category offered by Daewoo Express.

Volvo Buses spotted at Daewoo's Service Centre
Volvo Buses spotted at Daewoo’s Service Centre

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Chief Executive of Daewoo Express, Shaheryar Chishty said,

“With this new fleet we are introducing an upgraded level of luxury service. Combining 18 years of experience as Pakistan’s pioneering transportation network with international standard luxury buses by Volvo – the Gold Class will offer customers a superior traveling experience.”

Which route will get ‘Gold Class’ first?

Newly launched Volvo fleet is set to replace the current Premium Plus buses from Lahore-Rawalpindi route since this course serves as the busiest route covered by Daewoo Express. In addition to this, the new Volvo buses have been launched to counter the influence of Qconnect, which is also currently available only on Lahore-Rawalpindi route. The roll-out will take place in phases with more routes to be covered by Gold Class in near future.

Features of ‘Gold Class’ buses:

  • The new buses are powered by environment-friendly EURO III engines.
  • Double glazed windows which will curb vibration to ensure a muted ride.
  • Individual LCD screens for every passenger.

However, it needs to be noted that the buses used by Daewoo’s Gold Class and Qconnect are totally different with Qconnect buses being far more luxurious of the two.



Daewoo Gold Class Pictures:

Volvo Qconnect Pictures:

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  1. hadis1 says

    Qconnect is another league

  2. Bil says

    Appreciate daewoo for not increasing the fare more then 50 pkr with the new buses.

  3. Umer Farooq says

    Good Step by Daewoo as their Luxury & Premium Plus buses are now quite old. Fare wise its also manageable rather than the Qconnect, as its hard to imagine if you want to spend that much on Qconnect why not you go for Airline travel.

  4. Muhammad Yasir says


  5. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Qconnect is awesome but Daewoo will win this race due to lower prices plus they expand their route with the Gold Class.

  6. Sultan Kiani says

    Daewoo is getting Volvo, it’s quite weird. But there’s hell lot of difference between Daewoo (Sammi) and QConnect coaches. That purple coach is the only bus in Pakistan with double excel. That bus is more spacious, luxurious and the most important thing, it has on board toilet so you don’t get into trouble if you have “emergency” on board!

  7. S. Ayaz Gilani says

    Daewoo Gold Class is pethatic. I am writing this from tr bus. No individual screen. And stupid looking bus just a bit larger seats with lesser leg space and same dirty Daewoo feeling .

  8. S. Ayaz Gilani says

    Daewoo Gold Class is an absolute idiotic and fraud service. Just a bit bigger seats with lesser leg space. No individual screen. This is fraud. No need to believe this shit company.

    Q-Connect is far better and truly professional service.

  9. Arslan Saeed says

    difernc btwn gold clas n q queen
    plss tell

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