Dealerships to Start 2016 Honda Civic Bookings This Monday!

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2016 Honda Civic, a car which has kept us busy ever since its official unveil in September 2015 at New York International Auto Show. Since then we have been coming up with predictions regarding its launch and specifications for Pakistani Market. Moreover, Pak Wheels also took the first and so far the only photos of 2016 Honda Civic in Pakistan.

Watch: Spy Shots – New 2016 Honda Civic Spotted While Testing In Lahore

And now finally the wait seems to be over as we have received a message from Honda Fort Lahore announcing the booking of 2016 Honda Civic open! The SMS further reveals that they will offer both 1.8liter naturally aspirated, and 1.5liter Turbocharged engine options. Reservations can be made for PKR 1 million to Honda Fort. Moreover, upon further confirmation from officials at Honda Fort, 1.5liter Turbocharged CVT variant would be priced at PKR 28lac while the 1.8liter CVT would come with a price-tag of around PKR 27lac. So far we have not received a comment on the pricing and availability of manual variants.

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As of now, Honda Atlas has neither confirmed nor denied the opening of 2016 Honda Civic’s bookings. However, it is safe to say that other dealerships would follow suit and start booking which is right now the most anticipated car of Pakistan.

Honda Fort's text message
Honda Fort’s text message
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  1. A. I says

    28 lac rupees . Is Honda Atlas crazy !!!!!!??

  2. Guest says

    At least they might give the touring features and all of them I clouding heated rear seats and tons of other stuff

  3. Civic Fan#1 says

    too old.
    My brother was talking about this like 2 weeks ago and his friend already booked his civic

  4. Awais Yousaf says

    yeah if they do give all those touring model features then 28 lacks is a very good price!

  5. Guest says

    His friend must be a showroom owner there bookings started around 2-3 weeks ago

  6. Guest says

    On par with the us and Thailand

  7. Haider says

    I also receive an sms from honda gateway about booking of honda civic 1.5 and 1.8. Booking is started with 1 million but still they did not confirm final price. but they confirm that manual version will not be available.

  8. Zuhaib Khan says

    If they are offering everything that`s available internationally in the 1.5 at 28 lacs then its an awesome deal! Yes we would love to get it at lower cost but hey, In a province where 5 rivers flow, the cost of getting water re fill from Gourmet is 100Rs, whereas in Saudi Arab, which is a desert in every sense, the same refill costs somewhere around 85 Rs. To itna profit margin to rakhna banta hay :p …

  9. Faheem Zafar Choudhry says

    Insane Price, but lets hope we get all of the features like Honda Sensing, LED Headlights,, Heated Outboard Rear Seats, Front Passenger’s Seat with 4-Way Power Adjustment,450-Watt Premium Audio System with 10 Speakers, Including Subwoofer,Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers additional to their standard feature

  10. Fazal Wahab says

    Sorry.. you will not get all these

  11. A. I says

    Even then not worth 28Lac.

  12. A. I says

    Really ? Dont you think its a bit too over priced ?

  13. FARHAN says

    Prices will be 1.9 to 2.3 so just chill guys!!!!!

  14. Guest says

    Bro have you seen the new A4. I have and this things got more features than it and it costs 58 lakhs and people still buy it. A Land cruiser costs 1.75 crore the same as a Mercedes GLS but people still buy it. The reason is because local cars have no features and international cars with tons of taxes are loaded with them no one really knows the price of luxury

  15. A. I says

    This same mentality is what let’s these corporations charge us so much.

  16. Umair says

    28 lacs for 1.5 turbo is a good price if see the car

  17. A. I says

    I hope you’re right

  18. Guest says

    The prices of 2.7 and 2.8 million have been confirmed from officials at honda read the article first

  19. Awais Yousaf says

    well bro everything in Paksitan is overpriced. Well even then turbo version for that price is ok bro. Considering the fact if they introduce all the goodies too. If its just the regular civic with turbo engine then 28 lacks is totally arguably overpriced.

  20. Awais Yousaf says

    Are you trying to say Civic has more features than an Audi A4?

  21. A. I says

    Well you can argue but I guess it’s alright for the rich or people who don’t have a tight budget like myself lol. Considering that this price point will alienate alot of potential customers but that’s my personal opinion. We will find out once Honda releases the official price list . Till then it’s just speculation , although I do believe that the prices going around have some truth to them.

  22. A. I says

    True but those people are a minority who buy these cars. Civic never was and never will be a car that is targeted at the minority, it is for the masses just like Toyota corolla . Depends upon the launch but a fully loaded corolla at 23.7 lac vs 28 lac is a bit too much of a difference. I’m sure Honda must have done their homework before releasing it at this price range.

  23. Awais Yousaf says

    Don’t worry bro! These definetly are the prices for top of the line 1.8L and 1.5L models. Base model will start around 20 Lacks.

  24. A. I says

    Well if the base models are appropriately priced then they can charge 35 lack for the top model if they want

  25. Awais Yousaf says

    By doing that they will be packing their bags the next day to leave the country.

  26. Abdur Razak says

    Honda Classic Islamabad sent me a text too to get the Civic Booked…….how do they expect me to book a car when i do not know its price and features????? i am 100% sure it would be a stripped down version of the international civic…..

  27. Salman ahmed says

    I will buy 2nd hand japanese car .the local vendors can fuck themselves in the ass

  28. twister286 says

    The Australian-market civic 1.5 LX (made in Thailand) costs AU$32,000 (PKR 2.5 million) and has 6 airbags, Android Auto and Apple Carplay, 10 speaker audio system, adaptive cruise with radar, lane watch, lane assist, LED headlights and daytime running lamps, automatic headlights, automatic wipers, 2-zone climate control, heated seats with electric controls and memory function, pre-collision automatic braking, USB ports, HDMI port, AUX input, bluetooth, parking sensors…

    No way in Pakistan you’d get all of that…

  29. Guest says

    Believe the civic touring has more features than an A4 but the A4 does have some innovation which is not present in the civic. These cars are luxury cars not because of their features but their quality

  30. Aaqil Khattak says

    Hello Awais is this pictures taken by you. Can you tell us is there push start available & key start through remote is there or not…

  31. Abdullah says

    ru sure abt the price????… this piece of crap shld nt be more than 20 lakhs…..

  32. M.B says

    Bookings officially announced on Honda Pakistan website asking for 1 million.

  33. twister286 says

    Honda could price these at 3 million and they’d still fly off the showrooms…the number of people in our population who’ll be obsessed with the “nayi shape” is rather staggering.

  34. Nizam Ud Din says

    Ridiculously overpriced. Seems like Honda doesn’t want me to buy a Honda.

  35. A. I says

    Called the dealership so here are a few things that were disclosed :

    1) 1.0 million advance is not refundable.
    2) Only two variants with all features will be launched. (1.5&1.8 litre)
    3) Launch will be mid July, after Eid.
    4) Delivery will be two months from launch.
    5) So far no lower trim level models will be introduced.
    6) 1.5 turbo is 28.5-29 lacs
    7) 1.8 litre naturally aspirated is 26.5-27.5 lacs

    There you go. I am now waiting eagerly to see how many sales does Honda make at this price.

  36. A. I says

    Obsession without the money to buy it won’t lead to sales. This is the actual scenario, not many in Pakistan would buy it at this price regardless of their obsession

  37. KAMRAN says

    I will BUY FAW B 30 , Coming Soon with the price tag of 14 LACS 75 THOUSAND. More BIGGER THAN HONDA CIVIC and MUCH MUCH ORIGINALLY Priced…. Visit YouTube and Watch ‘FAW-ARABIA” to see how good cars they are producing.

  38. twister286 says

    Judging by the amount of Vezels on the road, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of money either…I sometimes wonder if we’re really all that economically run-down…

  39. Noumanch says

    I have visited this gathering at Honda Plant yesterday.

  40. Noumanch says

    Red color (solid) looks pretty cool, at least for time being. Both variants are with push start. 1.5 L sounds a bit weird with ” tik Tik ” sound of engine ( Actually Turbocharger) and attendees of event noticed it. Front screen vision appears bit narrow. Tyres were 215/16. Trunk space is Okay, relatively more than current model.
    They had a formation of four cars, prevailing model , 1.5 L Red 1.8 L White and an Altis Grande for comparison. Altis looks no where to be compared with New Civic.
    Leg room is good. A survey was conducted from participants and on a question for pricing it, general response was 2.5 M for 1.8 L and 2.65 for 1.5 L.
    1.8 L was having obnoxious entertainment system , purely looking Chinese crap. However 1.5 L do have apparently nicer one with a fold-able screen ( into Center console) for rear passengers.
    Both versions do have rear vent for A/C. Rear floor has a higher hump in center, God knows who advised them to put it there!.

  41. Asad Chohan says

    Iown a gen 9 Civic.. alhumdulilah!!! I am much much satisfied with its features and comfort ! after hearing the price of GEN X i will prefer buying some nice imported car!

  42. Umar Pal says

    where are the GOD DAMN let matrix headlamps????????

  43. Umar Pal says

    I swear if they didn’t give LED matrix headlamps then this would be the worst they could do.

  44. Faheem Zafar Choudhry says

    just saw latest pictures and features offered in Pakistan what a ripoff

  45. Awais Yousaf says

    who told you this car is coming soon? Are you sure?

  46. Awais Yousaf says

    Well a top of the line model of a Civic can have more features than a base-line Audi A4, but even a normally equipped Audi A4 has much more features and options than a Civic ever had in its history of 45 years!

  47. Muizz says

    everything is excellent except the price it should not be more than 2.5 million for a higher trim.

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