2016 Honda Civic – What We know, What to Expect!

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There is not a single week on PakWheels when there is no news or article on the upcoming 10th Generation Honda Civic [Civic X]. On  PakWheel forum, I started a thread almost two years ago when the first spy shots of the Civic X hit the internet. The hype can be judged from the fact that the “Civic X Pakistan Launch thread” had around 22000 views and less than 70 pages back in November 2015. As of today, there are around 265000 views and above 200 pages. This is just one parameter which shows that how much people are anxious to know about this new car. I repeatedly mentioned in my various articles that anticipation and excitement is totally genuine, the reason being the car is truly a game changer.

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2016 Honda Civic was designed for the first time outside Japan at Honda Design Studio in downtown Los Angeles. Interestingly the Advanced Design Studio is a 6,500-square-foot facility [little over one kanal house]. Obviously, the small area is occupied by very futuristic and creative minds with advanced tools to work. Honda chose LA to launch their Civic back in September 2015. Later this year the launch spread to other markets like Middle East, Australia and recently near our neighborhood in ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations]. The release of Civic in ASEAN, especially in Thailand is relatively important for Pakistan as in the past Pakistan has been following Thai market as far as local Toyota or Honda products are concerned. The Civic X is already for sale in Thailand for almost two months which means soon it will be arriving at our dealerships as well. Well, it has already been spotted undercover on roads in Lahore and the anxiety among the Honda fans, and many other car enthusiasts is already sky high. Rumors are we might be just days away from the launch. Honda calls Civic X, a global model which means its identical from outside across the globe. Let’s go over some quick main facts and will focus on Thai spec Civic and see what we know up till now.

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Engine & Transmission:

I am starting from the drivetrain because this is the one main area where there is a significant change. Thai Civic X is powered by a newly developed 1.5-litre Earth Dreams turbo engine. The 1.5-litre VTEC Turbo produce 173 HP @ 5,500 RPM with torque figures of 220 NM from 1,700 to 5,500 RPM. There are no 0 to 100kmph official figures yet, but various automotive journalists have tested it and found it between mid 7 to 8-second mark.

2016-Honda-Civic-EngineBesides the turbo engine, Civic X is also available with the older R18 engine which we have seen in the 8th and 9th generation Honda Civic.  The 1.8-litre i-VTEC produce 141 HP @ 6,500 RPM with torque figure of 174 Nm @ 4,300 RPM.

2016-Honda-Civic-EngineYou will be able to identify the 1.5-litre turbo Honda Civic because of the two exhaust tips, one on each side, under the rear bumper. Also, a VTEC turbo badge on the right side on the trunk while the 1.8L will get a single exhaust tip and i-VTEC badge.  The car in the Pakistani spy shots was also seen with two tips which confirms that a 1.5L Turbo will be available in Pakistan. One of our bloggers said it last year that its possible there will be an R18 engine version Honda as well. The 1.8L engine Honda Civic is also available for the Thai market.

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On transmission front, the Thai Civic is equipped newly developed continuously variable transmission (CVT). All variants of Civic X no matter 1.5L turbo or naturally aspirated R18 will be fitted with this new transmission. The top of the line RS grade on Thai spec Civic will get paddle shifters only.

After some research, I found that Honda is not offering a manual transmission as an option in the 2016 Honda Civic at this time except the 2-liter NA USDM model. This means Honda have laid the manual transmission to rest for this new generation as far as 1.5L and 1.8L units are concerned. As we follow Thai spec Civic, it gives us an indication that Pakistani market will be skipping a manual transmission as well. This can be turn off for some of Honda enthusiast, but this is what we can report at this time. I am sure many people who wanted to opt for a manual will still consider the Civic due to its many other features and qualities.

1.5-liter Turbo with CVT


1.8-liter Naturally Aspirated with CVT



Thai Civic X is equipped with MacPherson Strut Front Suspension and Multi-Link Rear Suspension. That is the standard suspension system for all variants and have been seen on the 10th gen Civic on all international markets.  Mult-Link rear suspension was on the 9th generation Civic in the global market already while PKDM 9the generation Civic received “Reactive-Link Double Wishbone Suspension”. The new Multi-Link Suspension system is modified & improved over the previous generation with stiffer anti-roll bars and is very fun to drive compared to the previous generation. The ride quality is much improved. We hope this time PKDM will follow same suspension system as Thai for the new generation of Civic.





Civic variants:

Thai Civic is available in four variants. The 1.8-liter E & 1.8-liter EL for the non-turbo versions while 1.5-liter T is classified into two grades also as “Turbo” and top of the line up the “Turbo RS”. 1.8E remains the very basic model. As we are predicting there won’t be manual transmission options, it looks like PKDM might be offered with four trims as well, two each for 1.8L and 1.5 Turbo. What they will be called, we will let you decide.  On Thai spec Civic the majority of options and features are only available on Turbo variant, which makes us think same for PKDM. If you want a top of the line model, you have to pick a turbo model.

Prices on Thai model have increased on average of PKR 65,000 for Civic X. The current MRSP translate to PKR as follows:

  • 1.8E > PKR 2,549,980/-
  • 1.8EL >PKR 2,814,075/-
  • Turbo > PKR 3,224,889/-
  • Turbo RS  >PKR 3,518,327/-
The prices mentioned are for the Civic X in Thailand, and are mentioned here for comparison purpose to show how different grades, trim and features impact the pricing of the car. 



In the past, the United States domestic models [USDM] and ASEAN models had slightly different exteriors. Different taillights, headlights, bumper, trunk, LHD/RHD are few of the features which can be used to differentiate.  As the tenth generation is a global vehicle, its identical almost everywhere it is sold or will be sold. Although there is one small difference on the exterior, the front fender side marker on USDM is amber while its white on ASEAN.

Thai Civic is available in following colors, and we might be getting same or slightly different shades.

  • Cosmic Blue M
  • Crystal Black pearl
  • White Orchard Pearl
  • Lunar Silver Metallic
  • Modern Steel Metallic

USDM Civic is available with three additional colors; Aegean Blue Metallic, Burgundy Night Pearl, and Rallye Red. Availability of these on PKDM Civic is a question mark and seems unlikely.

Depending on the grade/trim there are some exterior differences. At the front, the daytime running LEDs and C-shaped LED taillights remain standard across all the trim levels on the Thai Civic. Projector headlights are standard on all trim levels except the top of the line RS model which gets the Honda’s first LED Headlights. Except the base model, all variants get fog lights. The availability of LED headlights on PKDM Civic is highly unlikely, but we can wish these do come. Honestly, LED lights make the new Civic X stand out, day or night.

Both non-turbo versions come with 215/55/R16 size alloy wheels while both the turbo version gets 215/55/R17. For the 9th generation, PKDM was fitted with 195/65/R15 steel or alloy wheels. Such a size on the new Civic will look awful. It looks like the new Civic for our market will get an update for wheels as well. It might be the base model with 215/55/R16 size steel wheels with covers while 17″ alloy wheels on turbo versions. To compete with its all-time rival Toyota Corolla in the local market, Honda Atlas might be looking for cutting corners and exterior will be one under their knife.


Honda did a fantastic job on the exterior and all other technical/ mechanical front. Interior is also something that is a job well done in all aspects and has been praised worldwide.

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Honda has packed the interior with an improved design, better materials, and excellent fitment. On technology and features front, blue tooth connectivity is standard across the trim levels. Steering wheel mounted controls will be standard across all trim levels. There will be analog/digital cluster on the base model with a 5″ radio unit.


All upper trims [1.8EL, Turbo & RS] have a new 7″ touchscreen LCD unit with Apple Car Play/Android Auto compatibility. This means now you can project some of the compatible apps onto the head unit, such as Google maps. There will be a full digital cluster projecting vital car data, and phone calls log as well music/RDS data which is being played at the time. Please transfer your music on USB as it’s bye bye to conventional CD disc.


There are two USB ports and one HDMI input with eight speakers on all trim levels except the base model which will be equipped with only one USB and no HDMI, and there will be four speakers.

Due to the availability of Carplay/Android Auto you can use compatible apps on car’s head unit including maps, text messages. The head unit can read you text messages, or you can compose one as well using voice recognition.

And with the compatible maps app, if even you don’t opt for a navigation unit, you will still be able to have navigation provided you have data plan on your phone and google maps installed. As Carplay/Android Auto is standard feature except for the base model, we can expect same on PKDM as well. The remote start, keyless entry and push-button start, climate control and electronic parking brake, backup camera comes standard on all trim levels although cruise control is not available on base model. Except base model, all trim levels get 8-way power driver seat plus 4-way power adjustable passenger seat on top of the line RS model. Features like rear automatic rear view dimming mirror, automatic wipers, and dual climate control system remain exclusive to RS model.

From a long list of standard features, it’s evident that Civic X will still be well equipped even if you don’t opt for the top of the line model. But we still fear that to remain price competitive in the local market, we might be missing on some features. Still it will be a great upgrade from the previous generation.


Safety features are something have usually been lacking on PKDM comparing overseas models, no matter which brand you see. Still Honda always remained ahead of others. On Thai Civic two airbags [drive+passenger] are standard while there are additional four [side and curtain on each side] in the top of the line RS model.  Vehicle stability assist [VSA], ABS with electronic brake distribution [EBD], Hill Start Assist remain standard. Only RS model comes with lane watch camera fitted on to the left side view mirror which basically activated when you switch the left indicator and displays the left side of your car.

Apart from above-mentioned features, something more important comes standard on Civic X, which is the newly designed advanced compatibility engineering (ACE) body structure that has a new crash stroke design. The frame rails are developed and fixed in a manner that they crash downwards in a front head-on collision. In high-speed crashes, this technique will reduce the risk of engine pushing into the passenger cabin/compartment. The new chassis is about 30kg lighter than the previous generation but has 25% more torsional rigidly. High-strength steel is used in major crash zones while there will be a single piece subframe in the rear as well as soft chassis areas to absorb the energy of the accident.

On the safety front, I think PKDM Civic will get most of the features as available on Thai spec due to them being a standard feature. As far as the Honda’s Active Safety System “Honda Sensing”, we can only dream about it as it’s not available anywhere else except USDM and Australian Civic and to be honest, our roads and traffic culture are not yet capable of handling one at this time.

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Overall I think the new Civic X will be better than ever. I would say it will be best we have seen. We might miss on some features, but I hope as far as quality and workmanship are concerned it should be on par with Civic we have seen overseas. On top of all, I wish that we don’t see a steep price hike. A slight increase in price is always understandable, but Honda Atlas must play their cards right. Pricing the new 2016 Civic in Pakistan is going to be the key to the success or failure of the car in Pakistan. Yes, it is a feature-packed vehicle, but if for some reason Honda Pakistan thinks they can price it in the vicinity of the Audi A3 sedan, it can result in a disaster. Even at around PKR 3 million, the new Civic has a threat from its foreigner family member, the Honda Vezel. Considering the popularity of Honda Vezel, it is one vehicle that can actually hurt the sales of the Honda Civic 2016.

Now let’s wait and see how the story unfolds.

2016 Honda Civic

2016 Honda Civic


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  1. A. I says

    Price will be the main deciding factor. I have only heard that its base model is going to be around PKR 2.7 million. If the pricing is not correct then i believe that it wont sell to its full potential or at least they would have lost one customer(myself) and given it to Toyota. Honda Atlas price it appropriately.

  2. Ghayyour says

    With all the features installed, price of 2.7mn is fine. I doubt we will get power seats, hill descend, lane watch. plus writer did not mention any thing about paddle shifter. If these features are missing than price should not be more than 25 or max 26 for top of the line model.
    Secondly in US and Europe, most of the Asians like Indians, Pakis, Lankans prefer to drive civic or camry because of the affordability otherwise civic is considered as a very low end car in US and Europe. Even good amount of Pakis do not prefer to drive Honda Cars. Honda has tried to push the lever but still cannot compete with Lincoln, GM, Audi, VW and Ford. So Pakistani in Pakistan should consider their world ranking before demanding such utilities and features.

  3. Anonymous says

    I have authentic details about the price of top of the line 1.5 turbo charged it will not exceed 2.8 million but will lack power seats, rear view dimming mirrors, lane watch camera, dual climate control and most probably those BEAUTIFUL EYES i mean the LED Headlights. End of September and start of October ’16 it will be on roads.

  4. MySchizoBuddy says

    In America Honda has a luxury brand called “Acura”. Acura competes with Lincoln and Audi. Although it fails at it miserably

  5. Fazal Wahab says

    Paddle shifters are mentioned under transmission heading..

  6. Janbaz says

    seems it would all based on price,
    As I (and surely am not alone) haven’t bought new rolla only to wait for civic. if new civic comes with huge price gap, then (despite all those features, and my liking to civic) it will be out of my reach. and I will go for corolla.
    PRICE …!!!!

  7. Salman ahmed says

    i dont think this car is coming to pakistan .if it does with all its features then honda will raise its price by atleast 5 lakh which is out of my league

  8. Salman ahmed says

    if it becomes 3 million i will not buy it .then i will buy honda aspire or toyota gli

  9. Ovais says

    Haha u live there ok u know Honda is number 1 and Toyota 2nd in USA because of reliability other than Americans cars after 1 hundred thousand miles end

  10. Talal says

    The prices u hav mentioned is of internstional market with full option sensors radars safety bags etc in pakistan they will launch civic x with least specs so price will b lowerd and it will around 2.5 to 3.0 million and it should not less thn this bcz its honda civic not rolla ..

  11. A. I says

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this. I too have held off on getting the new corolla and that too their top end model. Just now waiting to see whether they will launch at a good enough price or not. Honda Atlas pricing will either make a customer or send one to their competition.

  12. A. I says

    Can you please elaborate what makes the civic more superior than the corolla and why does corolla get so much hate on pakwheels ?

  13. X Auto says

    Because it’s Khota Gadi aka. Khota Corolla. Only look at the rear suspension of both and you’ll know why it’s a Gadha Gadi ! hahahah….

  14. Usman says

    If they reach the 3.5 million mark, that will almost be the same as an Audi A3, and I don’t think a civic would compare to an Audi. All of the additional things in mentioned to be in the top of the line civic are already there in the Audi

  15. Salman says

    I personally have corolla and a civic both, and you can’t really bash on one car because of a few features, because this way a corolla is more fuel efficient than the civic, it’s more rugged, and frankly that ruggedness is more suited to our Pakistani roads. And it’s a tad bit cheaper than the civic. I’m personally a fan of Honda myself but I don’t see why corolla gets bashed so much? You do know ke the sales of a corolla are far higher than that of a civic in Pakistan, right?

  16. A. I says

    Lol. Would you back that up with some facts apart from your personal opinion

  17. A. I says

    Now that’s a sensible unbiased reply.

  18. NN says

    Just Because of Chauhdhry mentality

  19. SAD KAY says

    whaaat!!! No manual transmission 🙁 the car companies are going crazy when it comes to simplicity.

  20. Guest says

    What you want to say is that most Asians make wise financial choices and get the best value for money and cannot be lured by fancy gimmickry, but will prefer real value such as reliability, ease of repair and resale. I’ve seen many a-European and many a-North American admiring these traits.

  21. Guest says

    And the Audi A3 has 1200cc engine so the tax is less.

  22. Guest says

    Corolla gets so much hate because most Corollas are driven rashly, worse road manners and with that high beam drilling into the eyes of everybody else.

    Victims of abuse reserve their right to hate.

  23. masvirk says

    Prices in Australia – Launching this month

  24. masvirk says


  25. masvirk says


  26. masvirk says


  27. masvirk says


  28. masvirk says


  29. Amin A. Sultan says

    The price mentioned is too high any thing above Rs 2.8 Million will not create the volume required for Honda Pakistan… It will be a mistake as for Rs 3.3 Million u can get an Honda Vezel hybrid…

  30. Muhammed Hassan Shahbaz says

    Honda Vezel wouldn’t be a bad option either with the cruise control and pedal shifters.

  31. Ghayyour says

    corolla xli = Suzuki swift
    corolla gli = Honda city
    corolla altis = Honda city aspire
    corolla grande = Honda civic
    so sales of corolla is inclusive of Suzuki swift, city, aspire and civic!

  32. Waqas Akram says

    Too much price. any thing above 2.7M will be a a disastrous for Honda

  33. Muhammad Yasir says

    too fucking expensive … screw OFF HONDA :@ !

  34. deltree says

    With those prices, if anyone owns honda Pakistan shares, sell them. If Honda goes ahead and launches like this, indus motors is going to have one of the happiest years they have ever seen. 5 lac rupees difference at the starting point between a corolla and civic is just ridiculous. This is one time in automotive history of Pakistan that a manufacturer will have to do nothing but keep charging the same prices to win from another competitor. And that CVT is going to be a failure at high mileage, you just can’t abuse a cvt like you could abuse a manual or auto.

  35. deltree says

    I like my ride soft, capable of eating the bumps not sending me them through the seat telling me sorry im hard because people need to believe i am durable. A corolla is not pleasure to drive, a civic is beginning right from the seat and the height to the ride height to the suspension.

  36. Abdullah says

    Atlas Honda Civic is destined for FAILURE in Pakistan……..i can bet on it……and that would be only due to HIGH price tag they would give to this vehicle……i see Atlas Honda shutting down their manufacturing plants within next three to four years in Pakistan due to POOR SALES……. BYE BYE ATLAS……welcome FAW B30 and FORD…..

  37. twister286 says

    The Thai market prices include 85% sales tax.

    The Australian market pricing (which includes 10% GST only) is a better indication. The 1.8L models range from AU$24,000 to 28,000 while the Turbos cost around AU$30-32k.

    If that holds, you can expect around 2.5-2.8 million PKR.

    However, the LX model in Australia has lane-watch, radar cruise, lane assist, adaptive cruise, pre-collision braking, 6 airbags, dual-zone climate control, automatic LED headlights, Android Auto, USB ports, AUX input and a high-efficiency cabin air filter…

  38. Sarbland Malik says

    You can’t blame a car for that. Driver is the guilty. I am also Honda lover but honestly tell you this car is not built to drive in Pakistan.

  39. Naeem says

    the baseline model should cost no more then 21 lakhs
    and the top of the line model should not be more then 25 lakhs
    that is IT……….they should remove certain features to bring the car cost down to the level i have mentioned above…………THIS IS THE RIGHT PRICE BRACKET………..anything over it…….HONDA ATLAS….U WOULD FAIL BIG TIME……..do a little market research about buying power of Pakistani people….


  40. Fazal Wahab says

    The prices mentioned are for the Civic X in Thailand, and are mentioned here for comparison purpose to show how different grades, trim and features impact the pricing of the car.

  41. Umair says

    This car will give Honda record sales if any price.

  42. Guest says

    One of the reasons of failure of 9th gen Civic was that consumers weren’t happy to pay the tax and fuel of 1800 engine. Honda is again and again making the wrong choice of engine.Since the time of dolphin (1992), Honda is known for 1500 or 1600 cc. Nobody wants an 1800.

    This time too, they can be more successful if they put an R16 inside. If Atlas put the newer engines, they will have to pay more because Honda would recover the R&D cost. But for a one generation older engine the R&D cost would already have been recovered so the royalty would be less.

  43. Saqib says

    The car is cool…..price is bullshit……go to HELL ATLAS HONDA…………….shuf ur car up your arses please…..would buy a FAW or Corolla instead…..

  44. what up says

    u know since this region was a slave for all the foreign powers who have ruled it for centuries. so the people here r criminally subjugated to there masters. pls wake up we the urdu spkng liberated u and gave u pakistan. for for this price in all over the world including india u get a luxury brand car not a civic or corolla which the high school kids use to deliver pizza`s in there summer breaks in america. shameless people of pakistan

  45. haider says

    booking is started with one million from today.

  46. FARHAN KHALIQ says

    Guys just chill !!! The prices will be 1.9 till 2.3 for the 10 generation I have noticed that from the front it’s looks a shark face just like vanziel it’s the smaller virgin!!!!

  47. OJ says

    Internationally they both belong to the same class and the Rolla out sells the civic by a significant margin. We conveniently blame the people with rural background for the sales of corolla in Pakistan but I am sure there are not that many ‘paindus’ in the international market.
    The point is they both are similar cars, with different strengths. Vic being lower so having better grip and brakes while the corolla having a more supple ride.
    To sum it up you would enjoy a civic more on the m2 but the Rolla would be better on GT road

  48. hassan says

    yar have u booked one??
    and if u really know difference in 1.8 and 1.5l tubro

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