Extending hybrid car batteries’ life – dos and don’ts!

With each passing year, Hybrids have continued to rise in demand within Pakistan. While this is mostly due to the fact that they return excellent fuel economy, buyers also prefer them for their superior build quality, upscale features and options in addition to a generally overall more luxurious experience compared to anything manufactured locally. But with anything that functions in one way or another through batteries, there is always the caveat that eventually as time goes on the batteries will not be able to hold a charge as well as they used to when they were brand spanking new. So here are some quick and easy steps to condition and prolong the battery life of your Hybrid vehicle.

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Transmission Fluid

In an ordinary vehicle with automatic transmissions, the transmission fluid has the job of building the hydraulic pressure to shift gears and cooling the internals of your transmission. Within a Hybrid vehicle, the transmission fluid is tasked with cooling off multiple electric motors which produce a great amount of heat themselves. In addition to this, the fluid can become contaminated with iron oxide which can kill the electric motors, and replacing the electric motors can be something that costs as much as half the value of the vehicle itself. So be sure to drain out and replace your Hybrids transmission fluid every 5 years or around 75,000km, while the standard is usually to replace it at over 100,000km doing this will help keep the battery backs and the electric motors healthy.

Maintain Temperature

Weather conditions have to be taken into consideration when considering the battery life of your HEV; extreme weather conditions can have adverse effects on the lifespan of your hybrid drive system. When it is extremely hot outside make sure to park in the shade and in the winters try to park the car in a dry garage at night. Avoid letting your Hybrid vehicle experience harsh and/or rapidly changing temperatures, and be sure to drive it regularly. Don’t let it sit for too long, and if it is going to sit for a prolonged period of time be sure to disconnect the connection to the batteries.

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Regular Maintenance

We’re pretty sure this goes without saying but make sure to service your car at regular intervals. Don’t be that guy/girl who keeps putting off that service that you should have ideally done months ago and then blame the manufacturer when the batteries in your Hybrid vehicle eventually die. Service the battery at regular intervals and be sure to keep a regular eye out for any individual hoses, pipes and clamps, fluids as well as any additional filters that may be used on the motor and battery cooling/heating system.

If you know more tips, do share them in the comments section below.

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