Thinking of replacing your car’s tires and rims – Here’s what you need to know!

Tires, like any other parts of the car are considered important, which should be taken care of no matter what. People in the country are very much passionate about car tires; however, due to no proper guidance, they buy or opt for tires and rims that are not suitable for their car, which results in early wear of tires and also damages the rims as well. We at after an equal interval of times write tire guide blogs for our readers to give them an idea how to protect the tires or how one can enhance the tires’ life with some basic tips. In this article also, we will be telling you guys about choosing the right tires and rims for the cars.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

First of all, if you have a 1000cc or below car and you are thinking of changing the tires with some size increase, always remember that never increase the size of the tire for more than 1 inch, as opting to go for more than one inch is not recommended by the manufacturers and it also affects the car as well as it puts extra load on the car’s engine which could lead to low fuel economy. On the other hand, if your vehicle is above 1000cc, you can increase the tires size up to 2 inches.

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Secondly, at the time of changing the tires also change the spare tire as well as if you are increasing the size of the tires, the size of the spare tire will remain the same. And if used, it will create problem for the driver due to its difference in size compared with other tires.

One of the important thing to mention here is that it is not recommended to change the original rims of the vehicles. Moreover, never install oversized rims on the original company fitted tires as it requires intense alteration with tire and axle, so avoid the hassle and use the company recommended rims, if you are thinking of changing them.

Moving onwards, never buy the alloy rims that have bolts covered, as bolts are covered with a plastic plate which is vulnerable to corrosion and wears out quickly. Additionally, don’t opt for black rims as it is difficult to maintain as they become dirty very easily.

Wheel balancing and alignment of wheels should be done after an equal interval of times, and it is more important when you are changing the old wheels with the new ones. Lastly, if you want that the tires of your car last longer than avoid opting for low-profile rims.

That’s it from our side if have any other tips drop them in the comments section below.

My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.

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    Bhai it means if i have a 4000 cc Car then it means i can go for 4 inch upsize???? are you insane...........

    OOoo Pyaray Paak wheels bloger!!!

    The OEMs always gives a tolerence level of 2%..... remind you 2% deviation from stock tyre... Their are many factors for which OEMs deliberately keep the stock tyre size / spec lower, primarily for fuel and overall efficiency....

    The tyres upsize calculator like tyrestore is best to consult while going for upsize..... also consider your driving conditions and habbits .... but never ever deviate from 2 %, not inches man......

    :laughing: :laughing:

  2. Standard of PW articles need serious improvement.

  3. moreover you have to explain INSIDE OFF SET and OUTSIDE OFF SET... The effects of both. Moreover the pros and cons of after market chinese rims as compare to steel and OEM alloys.... Pros and Cons of Wider RIMS as compare to OEMs........

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