Mehran aka “The Boss” is not going anywhere amidst record profits

Suzuki Mehran

We have been listening for the past many years that Mehran is going to vanish from Pak Suzuki’s lineup; however, till now the Mehran is not only standing strong but is also leading the sales charts in hatchback category in the country.

The last report regarding the Mehran was that the Alto 660cc would replace it, but that rumour too has faded into thin air. According to the latest Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association sales figure, Pak Suzuki shipped 4360 units of Mehran in February 2018, and if compared with the February of the preceding year than the company sold 1,000 more units. In February 2017, the company sold 3360 units of Mehran (almost 30% increase).

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The stats clearly show that there is the surge in the sales of the car, so who said that Mehran would die out soon. Moreover, the main reason that is keeping the car alive is its price which is PKR 709,000 (cheapest variant VX).

As Pakistan has a significant amount of middle-class population whose buying power is not that great so if they want to get themselves a brand new car, the only option they have is Suzuki Mehran. But it is important to note here that a local manufacturer United Autos is developing an 800cc car and will be launching its hatchback this year, so people at least will get another option in the 800cc hatchback category. HRL Zotye Z100 didn’t do much to challenge Mehran either.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, Pakistan has the huge middle-class population and maintaining a car can cost a lot; however, one can easily maintain Mehran without spending much—in simple terms, low-cost maintenance is another reason while people still buy this car.

Moving onward, Pak Suzuki the manufacturer of Mehran has posted its profit, and it looks amazing. According to the details, the company earned a hefty profit of PKR 3.825 billion in 2017 compared to PKR 2.77 billion in 2016. That is a very impressive increase of 38% on YoY basis. The overall sales of the company also rose up 47% on YoY basis. Wagon R and Mehran remained its top seller cars.

It is to be noted here that the company at the start of the March also increased the price of its Wagon R by PKR 50,000. Moreover, the earnings per share of the company also surged from PKR 33.69 to PKR 46.49.

To conclude everything up in one sentence, Mehran is not going anywhere since there is no reason why Suzuki would even think to discontinue their cash cow.

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