Google Training Its Self Driving Cars To Drive More Like Humans

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Self driving cars are coming and they’re coming sooner than you would expect. For the past ten years automotive manufacturers and companies have been investing millions into developing autonomous cars and reports are coming in that they are almost production ready. Google who has been testing their self driving cars for a number of years now is looking to tackle one of the last flaws of their autonomous cars and that is their driving behavior. Google’s pioneer for their self driving vehicle efforts, Chris Urmson, states that the cars are too cautious in real world environments. Google is looking to introduce a more human like driving characteristic into their self driving cars by allowing the programs driving the car to cut corners, cross dividing lines to avoid road obstructions, and brake in a more fluid and natural way.

An article from the Wall Street Journal recently stated:

During a recent test drive involving two Wall Street Journal reporters, the Google Lexus RX450h autonomous vehicle jabbed or tapped the brakes at seemingly odd times.

In one instance, the Lexus hit the brakes because it interpreted that a car approaching fast from behind might cut it off as it passed. The other car didn’t do that, creating a sense that the Google car slowed for no reason.

Another time, the car stopped at a busy T-intersection with limited views of cross traffic. It waited for about 30 seconds, began to make a left turn, but stopped in the middle of the intersection as a woman on the other side of the street walked near the edge of the sidewalk.

The main targets to introduce a more human like behavior into the cars such as by smoothing their braking patterns, humans tend to ease off of the brakes to show our intention to other drivers, Google’s autonomous car can tend to brake in a sudden or very jerky manner that can be potentially dangerous to cars around it. Google’s self driving vehicles have been reportedly involved in 16 reported accidents, 12 of which were the car being rear-ended by other motorists though google denies that the accidents were due to their braking pattern.


After the proposed behavioral change, the cars will be able to drive more like us humans and after that is achieved, Google aims to put their autonomous cars into production. So maybe in 5-10 years time, autonomous cars might just become the norm but lets hope they don’t come with that big radar you find on Googles self driving cars, just imagine Lamborghini releasing their replacement model for the Aventador and it comes with a radar like that on its roof,that’s not something people including us will agree with.

Story: Jalopnik

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  1. Ali Ahmed says

    Yeah you’re right, the radar isn’t attractive at all. And if these cars come in Pakistan, they’ll be kidnapped within minutes, even seconds. Even if they manage to stay on the roads, they’ll go crazy because of Pakistani bikers – best people ever.

  2. Alpha says

    Hey kid from which college are you studying. Either your teachers are j@ck@sses or your college license may need to be reviewed. I bet when you attempt a CSS exam and you will come out as a blown out loser. In your review you first say that these auto cars are going into production very soon. But then you self contradict and say they will be in production in 5 to 10 years. Also you did not quote from where you got these statistics.
    I need to make you understand that the most advanced technology used in transportation industry is in the aviation. Although commercial airlines can now takeoff and land by itself but still pilots are required as no amount of technology can forsee and react spontaneously as human brain. Moreover in aviation there is a more controlled environment while the technology you are talking about in cars cannot be implemented in my opinion. They may make cars run automatically on freeways and motorways in ideal environment but it could not be practically implemented due to constantly changing environmental factors on road.
    It seems to me like you are speaking what you think. Son you are not a certified Car guru where we will follow you blindly until you come up with hard facts. This approach, which you have adopted, will lead you in a self admiring shadow wherein ultimately you will get hard slap of reality check when you enter a professional life.

  3. Fazal Wahab says

    Hello. Why don’t you come up with a blog in response to this article with your more authentic and professional approach??. Waiting for a read. Its easy to criticize. I believe in diffrence of opinion but in professional manner. Thanks

  4. Alpha says

    By going through meaningless reviews off and on on this website, I am seriously thinking to write a professional blog, although I have no interest in writing blogs on cars just to show these lollypop kids at pakwheels a sample.
    By the way I totally disagree with you on above. One should not write a review just for the sake of review. A typical Pakistani mentality, no wonder we are not progressing as a Nation.

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