Government authorizes PSQCA to monitor quality of Auto Sector

The Government of Pakistan has appointed Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to check and monitor the quality of auto sector, especially four-wheelers in the country. Previously, Engineering Development Board (EDB) was monitoring the quality of the auto sector. However, due to various reasons, the government decided to dissolve EDB and, as of now, the EDB is in court to appeal regarding its dissolution.    

PSQCA has set standard for the auto sector, especially four-wheelers with the help of experts and will monitor and issue fitness/quality certificate to the cars and vehicles being assembled in the country. The authority was only responsible for checking and monitoring two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the country but, now will also check the quality four-wheelers and auto parts as well.

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PSQCA works directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology and one of the ministries’ source, while talking to the media, said that Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority lacks everything; it has just copied the standards from other countries. It has no way and means to check the car being produced locally, he added.

The authority lacks both the required expertise and machines to check and give a certificate to the vehicle, he further asserted. It is imperative to mention here that not only PSQCA but, EDB is also lacking the necessary products and expertise to monitor the auto sector.

Let’s wait and see how industry players react to this recent development.

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  1. Some briefcases and some quota for vehicles will do the job

  2. Whoever monitors or wishes to monitor the quality of 4 wheelers in Pakistan, their performance will be immediately noticed once they ban mehran, bolan, ravi, which requires no modern equipment for a quality check, even the copy pasted standards will do the job...

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