Hatchback Version Of Honda City Spotted In China!

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Last year, Dongfeng-Honda launched Honda Greiz in China. Greiz is a mid-size sedan based on Honda City, which in China is manufactured by Guangzhou-China. Greiz, like XR-V, is a native model of Honda in China and are not sold internationally. Now, Honda China’s domestic line-up seems to be getting an addition in the form of Gienia. From the looks of it, Gienia appears to be a Greiz/City hatchback.

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Around the world, Fit and Jazz act as hatchback variants for City and vice versa. But since things are quite different inside Chinese market, Gienia looks well suited to serve as a Greiz/City hatchback. According to multiple sources, Gienia will be sold exclusively in Mainland China pretty much like Greiz and XR-V. Photos of Gienia emerging on the internet are not surprising since it was revealed as Concept B during the Beijing International Auto Show back in 2014. It too will be produced and sold by Dongfeng-Honda like Greiz. Amazingly again like the simultaneous sales of Honda City and Greiz, Gienia too will be manufactured and sold alongside Jazz in China.

Under the hood, there will be a 1.5-litre gasoline engine sufficient to produce 129hp and 155Nm of torque which will attach to either a five-speed manual or a CV-T gearbox.

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Honda Gienia in China

Honda Greiz in China

Honda Concept B during 2014 Beijing Auto Show


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  1. Thirdclass says

    Looks awsome. Lanat Pak honda look at ur third class models u r introducing here. Theives!

  2. asdf says

    rear looks like civic x

  3. Guest says

    The images have been taken from Autohome without credit (a Chinese website, Chinese name is 汽车之家, watermark can be seen in the lower left of the images).

    “which in China is manufactured by Guangzhou-China”. Guangzhou is the name of a place which cannot manufacture. Maybe author means Guangzhou-Honda, as Honda has 2 JVs in China, one is Dongfeng-Honda (东风本田), the other is Guangzhou-Honda (广汽本田).

  4. geek says

    a dear brother, you OWE a FAW V2 car………………

  5. Sexist remark says

    Sexist remark.

    Why do you think that Guest is male? Could be a female, so maybe you should write dear brother or sister.

    But why does that guy (or girl) owe anything? Did you mean to say *deserve*?

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