What are Auction Sheet Grades of Imported Cars?

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Cars imported from Japan have an auction sheet grade, and you could have heard car dealers linking the term ‘GRADE‘ with Japanese cars. Have you ever wondered what does grade means when it comes to Japanese cars? Why do buyers emphasize on inquiring the grade of these cars before finalizing a deal? On what basis is a Japanese car graded? Which grade car should you look for? How can you verify these grades?

Let me answer all your doubts and ambiguities in this guide. Further useful information and details regarding Japanese/reconditioned cars can are in our ‘Japanese car buying guide’.

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A Brief Explanation about Auction Sheet Grades: 

First of all, let me explain the concept of grades. The authorities sent Japanese cars to auction houses, as the auction on a specific bid commences before the export. Auction houses grade the car mostly on the standards defined by the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JSO).

The official graded these cars primarily based on its mileage, interior, and exterior condition. The top right corner of the auction sheet shows the auction grade. A non-fabricated grade helps you evaluate the status of a car inside out. The concerned authorities give the following grades to the car after a detailed inspection. 

Grade S:

• S grade cars rarely come in for auction.

• A car gets S grade, which is less than 1-year-old from the date of first registration.

• The entire car is as good as new.

• Exterior and interior of the vehicle are spotless.

• No signs of wear, repair, or corrosion.

Grade 6:

• Vehicle falls in grade 6 category when it exceeds a lifespan of 1 year, and the mileage lies between 10,000 to 30,000 km.

• The car is in immaculate condition from all aspects.

• No repair work has been done with the engine or body.

• These are old model cars with low mileage but an immaculate condition.

Grade 5:

• Grade 5 car has a mileage of less than 50,000 km.

• Interior or exterior of a vehicle may contain minor scratches or dents that are quite hard to notice.

• No signs of repair with the engine or body.

Grade 4.5:

• The grade vehicle is with the original mileage of less than 100,000 km is marked as a 4.5-grade car.

• The machine may contain minute scratches or dents with a negligible amount of body repair work.

• No repair work with the engine has been done.

• One of the most desirable grades after grade 5 and 6.

Grade 4:

• Vehicle under this grade is less than 150,000 km in mileage.

• The body may have some little scratches and dents.

• The overall condition of the car is good.

• The dashboard, door panels, or seats may contain some stains, scratches, or imperfections.

• Grade 4 cars were high in demand under five years’ import policy of vehicles.

Grade 3.5:

• The body of the car has few noticeable scratches, dents or repair markets.

• Some minor body repair work may be required.

• The mileage of the car is between 150,000 – 200,000 km.

• The interior may contain some stains, cigarette burn marks, color fades or scratches.

• No history of a major accident or crash.

Grade 3:

• The exterior contains some good amount of scratches, dents and repair marks.

• Interior also contains many scuffs, color fades, stains, and imperfections.

• Both the interior and exterior may require repairing or replacement.

• The engine may not be in its perfect condition as well.

Grade 2:

• Grade 2 vehicle has undergone some non-accidental damage or major transformation.

• It may not have its genuine engine.

• The machine may have a secondary component installed aftermarket like turbo or manual transmission converted into an automatic transmission.

• The car may have signs of corrosion or rust.

Grade RA:

• This specific car may have undergone average accidental damage and had been repaired.

• RA grade has nothing to do with the age or mileage of the vehicle.

• It may be less than three months old and assigned an RA grade due to accidental damage.

Grade R:

• The Grade R car has met a major accident.

• One or more major body parts require immediate replacement.

• The engine may also not be in working condition due to accidental damage.

Categorization of Grades: 

Preferring one grade to another is a real tough job. All grades have some pros and cons to be considered. Cars with grade 6, 5 and 4.5 are expensive but worth buying.

Meanwhile, Grade 4 cars are budget-friendly but with few imperfections with the body. These have the highest demand due to their affordability. Generally, customers prefer cars with RA grade having low mileage over cars with grade 2 or 3. They cost less due to depreciation caused by repair work.


Being citizens of Pakistan, we have some genius brains to fabricate the original Auction grade by producing a fake auction sheet. My next article in ‘Imported car buying guide’ will help you verify your auction grade and auction sheet through the online process.


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  1. Guest says

    “Being citizens of Pakistan, we have some genius brains to fabricate the original Auction grade by producing a fake auction sheet.”

    This sentence is needless. Cheating happens all over the world in many different aspects. When you travel abroad you will find that Pakistanis are generally highly educated and “shareef loag” compared to so many others.

    While Japanese are famous for the honest businessmen, cars are exported from there to the entire world and everywhere there is meter-reversing etc. so no need to bash the whole of Pakistan for it. You could say some “local cheater businessmen” or something like it.

  2. Shahzaib Rehman says

    very informative.
    waiting for your next article,

  3. Mudathir says

    Although I agree with your last sentence about us being cheaters but it’s our society but not our genes. Such practices exist even in the most sophisticated , law abiding and honest countries in the world. But yes being Pakistani it will hurt me more if we do such things or our people are caught in this practice. Making fake car papers is not a big deal as currency notes and passports are much more complicated documents but even such documents can be obtained. Hope that our country takes a u turn towards betterment.

  4. Muhammad Azam says

    The article is overall good but about milege and grades you are exaggerating a little

  5. vikki says

    Sir confirm plz your grades are correct or these?

  6. vikki says

    Also inform that how to confirm tt auction sheet is real? Any copy u hv of real??

  7. Fahad says

    Sir mujay aik baat smaj ni aati ka phir har japanese car achi kyun hoti hai???

  8. vikki says

    Bhai if you are right then please confirm? So u t writing for pakwheels and dont even hav a time to reply for satisfaction!! Well done

  9. Aamir says

    Nice article. Well supporting the author of the article i would like to mention that in his last sentence he means to say that Pakistan is blessed with genius minds, though some unguided people with negative mindedness do fabricate the official documents like auction sheets. Some very patriot minded friends have taken it to heart. I am even proud of them them and the author alike. Hats off Pakistanis. Be Patriot and be honest. Be the ambassadors of Pakistan and if you cant bring a good name to the motherland, at least, dont bring a bad name too.

  10. Arman Ahmad says

    is there any way to verify auction sheets online??

  11. Abdullah says

    Yes i can verify the auction sheet up to seven (7) years old auction.
    The charges is Rs 500/- per sheet.
    All of you can contact with me.

  12. Rafay says

    i will verify you at free of cost
    but Auction sheet verification need date of purchases from auction in Japan

  13. Qasim says

    In Japan Auction Houses every car with all grades sell in just 10 to 20 Seconds. Here in Pakistan, people calling the sellers , paiin auction grade ki aey. mai nu tay 1 lac thallay mildy pae aey.paiin verify ho jaey ge ? Paien mileage baray nay.meter pichhay kieta hoya aye ?Mai nu tay saaday chaar grade ti gaddi chaidy aaey.pain Aey A1 Kyon ditta hoya aey. Paain aaey U1 na hunda tay mai lai layny sy.paiin aaey 4 grade di gaddi 70,000 challi hoey aey. Mai naey manda Aye 30 hazaar challi hoi aye.paien tussi 14 mung rai o, 13 which dainy jae.may nu tay 13 model di gaddi Sadat taira which mildi paey aaey.pain 4 grade di gaddi genuine Hondi aaey.

    Sajno yai Pakistan hai .khotta kaura sub brabar.acchay Ki keemat koi nahin daita.Japan walay paagal nahin Kay 2 say 3 touchups Waly gari ko bhi 4 grade daitay hain.yai Pakistan mai hi hai Kay genuine hony chaidy aaey.kya local gaariyan saari genuine hoty hain.genuine ka rate zyada aur non genuine ka kam hota hai.

    Let me clear.yai zaroori nahin Kay 4 grade ki gaari genuine hi ho. 4 or 4.5 Grade may genuine bhi aaty hain air non genuine

  14. Qasim says

    Yahan pay itny awareness to ho gai hai Kay 4 grade ya 4.5 grade ki gaari lainy hai,lekin yai pata nahin Kay uski qeemat Japan may bhi zyada hai.jub yahan koi 4 ya 4.5 grade ki gaari import karta hai ,to WO ya to nuqsan may gaari baichta hai.aur agar profit kama bhi lya to shukar karta hai Kay bik gai.Taqreeban 1.5 mahinay may gaari import hoti hai aur yai bhi nahi pata hota Kay kub bikay Ge,aur ooper say kharidnay walay Kay nakhray.Japan auction houses may nakhray nahi chaltay.gaari seconds may bik jaati hai , Jo bhi grade ho.kya itnay nakhray local gaari laitay hoey kartay hain yai log.pehly baat to yai Kay itnay features aur comfort local gaariyon may kahan,saari umar inhi khota gaariyon ko chalatay hoey guzar gai , logon ko to bus resale chahiyay.Jo WO bhi nahin rahy.660 ko hi Zara compare kar lain chotti aur bari gaariyon say.Local gaari kharidtay Joey grade kahan chalay jaatay gain.mashwara yai hai Kay agar dealer ya importer par aitbaar nahin to kisy samajhdaar denter ,painter ko saath lay jain deal Kay lyay.aur WO itna samajhdaar bhi na ho Kay 3,4, ya paanch unglion say dealer say haath mila lay.samajhdaron Kay lyay ishaara kafi hai.

  15. Qasim says

    Gaari ko hazir may check karain. Auction sheet Fake bhi ho salty hai aur genuine bhi.aik aur patay ki baat kahta chalun , Kay yai zaroori nahin Kay auction sheet genuine honay Kay bawajood authentic bhi ho.yaani agar auction sheet par bonnet genuine bataya hai, lekin bonnet kuch aur hi kah raha hai hazir may.

  16. Qasim says

    Logon nay 4 Grade ka pahara parh lya hai. Genuine auction gaari har aadmi afford nahin kar Sakta.Isy lyay auctions may 3 , 3.5 , R , RA ki gaariyaan may bikty hain.

  17. Qasim says

    Agar aap may say kisi ko buying may assistance chahiyay ho to mujay Skype par contact kar saktay hain. Skype : Mir.Qasim35

  18. Adeel Asad says

    The article is rather information, however there is confusion between R & RA. I ended up finding a good unregistered car; the seller is interested in handing over the vehicle on almost the same price that is of grade 4 cars. I have tried explaining him but seller’s stance is that its all genuine and price will remain same. The feedback all over internet and at showrooms is mix; would be very kind, if someone can brief us about the difference. Thanks.

  19. Zeeshan Danish says

    Yahan bohat chor bazari hai bhai, log avoid kartay hein… touchup ka bol k puri repaired gari de dete hai log… but what i don’t understand is… in abroad if a car is repainted its value increases but in Pakistan if a car is repainted its value decreases and no one offers money worthy of its quality.

  20. kashan says

    imrpoted/japani car kharidte wakht kia kia documents chek kerne chayen plz, check list send kerden,

  21. Tayyab Imtiaz says

    I have heard that 97 per cent vehicles available in Pakistan imported from Japan are R grade.

  22. Yousuf Abbas Jesser says

    Thanks for this wonderful blog

  23. Naveed Haider says

    very informative blog, gave many answers to my questions which no one guides

  24. Naveed Haider says

    according to this article, ra is normal accidental and R is major accidental

  25. adi says

    There is also an X grade what about that?

  26. Tahir Mehmood says

    thanks dear

  27. Kamran Khursheed says

    thanks. when’s your new article coming about which you mentioned at the end of this article.


    what is the meaning os LSA grade

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