Here’s Why I Think Tesla Is The Future Of Automobiles, Even In Pakistan

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When it comes to luxury automobiles, Pakistan is no alien to the concept. We have seen cars that cost a fortune to own like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, etc. on the roads of Pakistan. The “right” people here have the “right” kind of money to even bring the McLaren P1 in the country.

But today is not the day to talk about the hypothetical P1 in Pakistan, today I am going to talk about a car company which is going to change the dynamics of the automotive industry in the days to come. The automaker in question is the Tesla Motors Inc.

Founded in 2003 by Elon Musk in California, the Tesla Motors initially sold electrical components for automobiles until 2011, when they rolled out their first production Electric Vehicle (EV), which was a sports car.

Tesla has surely stunned the automobile industry in the recent years with their technological development, which reflects in their current production vehicle, the Model S. Just to give an overview, the top of the line Model S P85D would reach 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds and would keep on climbing up to 250km/h. These are super car figures from a car that you can charge overnight at your home.


We all know that the laptops we use are powered by Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries, in case you didn’t know that, well, now you do. Tesla, on the other hand has put the Li-ion batteries to a better use and used as much as a thousand of them to power their Model S.

Yes, the super-fast 4 door sedan uses batteries from a laptop with just a difference of a chemical added to them which prevents them from catching fire in case of a crash. The battery system is embedded on the cars floor, protected by a .25 in of aluminum alloy of armor grade which will protect the batteries from hazards.

model-s-review-620aThe batteries are used to power a selection of motors which vary among 3 trims. The motors are attached directly to the drive train system which is driven by a single drive unit; i.e. there is just 1 gear that has all the power of the vehicle. All this technology is applied to achieve two things: Minimizing the mechanical losses and delivering smooth and sublime power. These factors contribute in the super-fast nature and a very high mileage of the EV.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has vowed the technology patents of his company to be used by any firm in good faith, just to give the automotive industry a new era of mass producing the EV’s for a sustainable source that powers the transportation world. Good guy Elon!



  • Tesla Roadster2011 Tesla Roadster:
    Released in 2011, the roadster was the first ever sports car that was solely powered by electricity. With performance stats of reaching 100km/h in just under 4 seconds and top speed of 200km/h the roadster was surely a hit in the market but being electric, it lacked the spirit of a true sports car. The company claimed that the Roadster would do 200 miles in a single charge, but in the Australia’s Annual Global Green Challenge that year, a driver named Simon Hacket drove it the entire 313miles (504km’s) segment in just a single charge. The Roadster was base priced $109,000 and the flagship was $128,000, both having a difference of battery capacity.
  • Model S2014 Model S:
    Tesla announced the Model S in June 2008 and exactly 4 years later, the first Model S was sold to a retail customer. The Model S was an immense hit in the US and surrounding areas with sales surpassing a figure of 46,000 units until mid-2014. The more shocking new, well, it was the bestselling full sized luxury sedan among the Mercedes Benz S Klasse, The BMW 7 series and the Audi A8.


The interior of the Model S has a very exclusive vibe. From the multi-display speedo to the 17” touch screen, angled towards the driver for effortless use and best interaction. Covered in pure Nappa leather, the interior is as luxurious as any Mercedes or BMW.


The performance figures of the top of the line P85D sedan are unbelievable. It accelerates to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds in the ‘Insane’ mode.

YES, you read that right. There’s a normal driving mode for more miles, a sports mode for sporty drive and then comes the INSANE mode where all the 691 HP of electric power and 860 lb. /ft. of torque are at your disposal in just ONE gear. Despite of having all this power, the P85D would do 250 miles (400km) in a single charge.

These figures are super car stuff and you get these at less than half their price and you STILL save so much more in the long term, given it doesn’t burn a single drop of gasoline in its entire life.
The other 2 models have less power but more battery life and cost less than the P85D.

The model S comes with so much more options to make you feel like you’re living in the 23rd century. There’s an autopilot feature that will drive the car for you in traffic, navigate you through unknown areas, park itself, come out of your drive way to meet you at the curb, remind you of your meetings and schedules, and what not. These items look kind of standard, given that some of these technologies are already provided by the Germans, but, their cars cannot be charged overnight and give pretty long trips in one charge.

Moreover, Tesla provides a ‘Super Charging’ option. NO, it isn’t a blower; it’s already very fast for God’s sake. It’s just a device that’ll allow you to charge your Tesla in under 30 minutes for the next 200 miles. The Super Charging can only be done at a Tesla Super Charger station, whose network is growing steadily throughout the US.

Prices of the Model S start from $69,900 for the baseline 85, $93,400 for the performance version 85D, and finally, the insanely fast P85D for $105,670. All of these come with battery warranties and super charging options.

tesla-modle-s-app  Tesla-ModelS-dash

Why I want Tesla in Pakistan:

As all of you have read above, the Tesla is an immensely beautiful, literally practical and insanely fast car. The top of the line model costing $105,670, which makes a PKR equivalent of Rs. 1 crore and 6 lacs. People here spend above 2 or even 3 crores on the gas guzzling Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches. Why not spend less than that and get this?

It’ll travel 400 km without any hassle, the power would be so much fun and what’s missing? NOTHING at all. You’ll save so much on gas money as well. Also, most of the upgrades that Tesla gets are online and are installed via the software update. YES, you can update a Tesla like you can update your Android or iOS devices.

The mechanical faults, well, let’s not be pessimists that the Tesla would break down here. The Ferraris and Lamborghinis we have here have never disappointed us, rather, they’ve been spotted with couple of people pushing them because the owners decided to run them out of fuel. Even if the faults occur, you can send them over to Dubai. You own a Tesla for heaven’s sake! You can’t afford doing that?

Now, I know most of you will literally want to grab my throat and tell me that you cannot get an electric car’s clearance from the Pakistan Customs, but I believe that the time isn’t far when they’ll consider the electric cars clearance. The time is very near my friends.

Here’s an interesting comparison between a Tesla Model S and a Mercedes Benz that makes equivalent power to the Tesla.

The most powerful Mercedes Benz, i.e. the S600, powered by a mighty twin turbo 6.0 V12 makes 523 BHP. The EPA estimated combined MPG it delivers is 21 which means 9km/l. 0-100 takes almost 5 seconds and the top speed is limited to 132mph. The most important part is the price. The S600 costs $167,825 which is 1 crore and 70 lacs, which is just the cost alone, the custom duties would make it cost a fortune here. The Tesla, on the other hand makes 167 BHP more, takes 1.8 seconds less to hundred and costs a whole 64 lacs less and the MPG equivalent in US is 94. This means, 40km/l equivalent of electric unit price converted into fuel price. Even the most powerful Tesla’s running cost would be less than the cost of running a Toyota Prius here.

So, as I have mentioned every detail about the Tesla in this article, I hope everyone is convinced to see a very potential super car by Tesla in the ‘near’ future.

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  1. Fazal Wahab says

    Tesla right now is the only car which is not sold by dealers. Tesla sells it themselves by their fully owned outlets all over US, Europe and Scandinavian. Even in few states in US, Tesla can’t sell model S due to backlash from the car dealers association. There are still 26 states where Tesla cant open their own outlet/gallery.
    I would like to add there is federal and state incentive as well from 7500 to around 15000. So the price on the road is much lower than MRSP. Tesla also do over the air updates to their car software. One problem would be in Pakistan the car will not get updates. It updates only where Tesla operates. In any case yes I would love to see few on our roads. Don’t forget to check out this link about Tesla in depth

  2. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    and maintenance, other than tyres n brake pads(which one can go through a lot of because of that performance) and suspension components(our roads) there isn’t any other. no fluid changes, no spark plugs, no filters, no tuning(all is software updates through internet) nothing.

  3. Fahad Mehmood says

    Who knew we’d see the immensely expensive cars such as the Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Rolls Royce here in Pakistan?

    I believe that in the future, when electric cars would be mass produced, this thing would do come in Pakistan and make its place.

  4. Fahad Mehmood says

    Exactly my friend. But still, it isn’t as easy as it looks. It’ll take time and effort.

  5. Farrukh Hassan says

    In Sha Allah, this car is really really a great innovation. Would love to own it some day

  6. Farrukh Hassan says

    Very informative article as well as nicely written!
    You are not the only one eagerly waiting for this car, I am also seriously obsessed with it now.

    Being tech savvy really makes one frustrated often 🙁

  7. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    I have sat in the car in one of their Boutiques, as they call their showroom, in The Galleria Mall in Houston, TX. the feel of this care and the experience is unlike any car else. The car has a total of 32 moving parts, a lot of mechanical wear and tear is brought down because of this fact.

  8. Ali Khan says

    The writer is too stupid , I’m afraid , $106k on tesla where is the import duty ??? , a guy ho is buying $106K would be interested in what that how much fuel prices are going up u are stupid and know nothing !! , here there are no supercharge stations like in US , china , Europe . Light doesn’t comes at home even if u want to charge it with a home connector . You should go fuck yourself mr writer , when comparing itwith an S class or Lamborghini , S class isn’t for racing its the interior and feel , Lamborghini is the feel that you are limited in racing class , I thin you never owned any of these cars let alone set your ass in them go ssssshh and write your childish reviews some place else , fuel expense worry in a 3-4 core car go by yourself a CD70 !!!!

  9. Fahad Mehmood says

    You. Are. Lucky.

    After Ferrari, the only automobile I adore now is the Tesla. It’s a master piece indeed.

  10. Fahad Mehmood says


  11. Ali, Jahanzib says

    @ Fahad Mehmood, well I read your thought, but you have mentioned only a single problem (custom clearence), which hinders the EV to come to Pakistan, but some known facts are cost of battery (in case of Tesla) infrastructure measurements for EV (e.g. Super Chargers…). Germany having an auto density of 550/1000 has a market share of 0.5% a result of having not an updated infrastructure for the EV. Norway and Netherlands have even a bigger share of EV. Lets get more into it, Pakistan having an auto density of almost 13 cars per 1000 people, where market share of BEV or PHEV/HEV is less then 0.1% a market which is in dire need of low budget small cars, where 4 wheelers (Motorbike) are still very popular among the people. So if you think carefully about the possible future of Automobile industry in Pakistan, it is hidden in low budget small cars, and ultra low budget cars which can capture a large market share (reason: per capita income), but not the Premium class Tesla model S, or upcoming model III. All in all I do appreciate your effort for some interesting piece of info regarding tesla for the readers.

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